Gizzmo the Ferret

Video Clip of Gizzmo

I work with some interesting animals during my consultations as The House Whisperer, and occasionally come across some very unusual creatures like Gizzmo here. Just a chance meeting on the street…

Our pets are conscious beings and will often protect us not only physically, as in the case of dogs, but energetically in our homes from ‘negative’ energies. They will absorb these energies and transmute them for their owners. They will also often carry messages from the animal kingdom if we are able to listen to their whispers!

In my Book The House Whisperer, I discuss how they may alert us to danger of an energetic kind, and also how they will absorb and reflect our emotional baggage and process our unresolved life issues for us! If we do not listen to them and take responsibility for change, then they will eventually take the hit and get sick.

See ‘Sharing Spaces with Our Animals’ on page 49 of the Book

Gizzmo engages in interactive animal encounters in schools and homes for the elderly.