Holding the vision of Kathmandu and its people. Snapshots of life in a town to be re-built.  Filmed in 1999 during the Feng Shui Tour of China, Tibet, Nepal and India organised by Roger Green

Lord Ganesha lives in the hearts of all.

Dear Christian, oooh what a superb work of art – a fitting tribute and sensitive record of that beloved city – it is hard to come to terms with the misery in the world – Shiva the Destroyer is certainly shaking his trident to awaken us all….keep up the good work of raising awareness and maintaining harmony… with love and gratitude.
Thank you so much Christian for sending this priceless footage. What a sacred land of beauty and curiosity, with Karma to match. You captured the stillness and vibration so rare on commercial TV. You really deserve an Oscar for such! I will vote for you and your followers.
Thank You Christian for this gift of sight, sound and soul.
Aidan McIntyre