May 2015

Crying Home

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Can your home cry, be in pain, run emotions as we humans do?

Indeed they can, and do in my experience. We do not always leave a place out of choice. Circumstances often ‘force’ us out whether it be financial, separation, job change etc.

I was speaking with a lady who still held the trauma of having to leave her home. She loved it and still […]

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Kathmandu – A Tribute Video

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Holding the vision of Kathmandu and its people. Snapshots of life in a town to be re-built.  Filmed in 1999 during the Feng Shui Tour of China, Tibet, Nepal and India organised by Roger Green

Lord Ganesha lives in the hearts of all. Dear Christian, oooh what a superb work of art – a fitting tribute and […]

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April 2015

Robert Watts Interview at Steiner House

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I had the privilege of meeting Robert Watts, Producer of Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Roger Rabbit! He shared some precious moments of his time during the filming of the Bridge Collapse Scene in Indiana Jones. Video clip of the Interview coming soon.

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House NOT just bricks and mortar!

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It is so good when people realise a house can be a home with a Heart and Soul!

Feedback from the Weymouth Workshop on 08.04.15

“Thank you for such an interesting evening last night, I will no longer just think of my house as bricks and mortar any more. Fascinating stuff!!”

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