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9 Star Ki Astrology

WEBINAR & In Class Workshop: Kingston upon Thames UK

What does 2019 hold for you? The Ki Year Starts on Feb 4th

Includes Easy-to-use Calculation Charts and information to take with you

No previous knowledge required

The 9 Star Ki is a Japanese system of Astrology  exploring the cosmic dynamics underlying human interaction and emotions.

Whilst Feng Shui is essentially dealing with space, 9 star Ki is primarily a study and understanding of energy and time. It is based on the  trigrams of the I Ching.  It works by looking at our lives in 9 year, 9 month and 9 day cycles.  When we were born determines our Character, our Emotional Nature and our Manifesting Qualities.

Within your 9 year cycle you will have periods of dormancy, planning, fame, activity and prosperity. Knowing where you are in your cycle in any given month or year can help make the most of your natural resources. Knowing your own astrology can help you plan events in life, career, house moves, financial, relationships etc. The principles of the subject are simple to understand and need no mathematical skills. During this workshop see how to discover your expectations and potential for the next 12 months and beyond.

During the Workshop, you will learn how to calculate your Chart and that of partner, friends and colleagues. You will discover:

Who you are:
in terms of the 9 basic characters

Where you are:
in your 9 Year Cycle. Are you in a low ‘difficult’ phase or a high prosperous one. We all go through the cycle and it is good to know which part of it is affecting all aspects of your life. This fascinating insight helps you to determine when best to plan important life decisions, initiate or undertake a major project or move home etc.

Understanding yourself and others – how you relate to your partner, husband/wife, children and friends. In business how you relate to colleagues and people you do business with.


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