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Ancestral Dynamic Imprints and Feng Shui

Every building and piece of land carry imprints of what has happened before. Christian explores how our past, and inherited ancestral patterns affect our lives and the homes we choose to live in.

He considers why, through repetition, we bring forth life events in order to recreate situations in our souls journey for resolution and healing of what was left undone in the past. He explores, identifies and unravels the source of pattern imprints and core seed-form programs which often come from beyond this lifetime, or even perceived dimensions of time and space. This  includes trauma events which may have shattered aspects of being, requiring a soul-retrieval process to regain any lost fragments of our energy fields.

Without resolution, we cannot achieve our full potential or feel fully at-home where we live. The ultimate aim as ever in Feng Shui, is to guide people to take personal responsibility and self-empowerment of their life issues leading to peace and harmony.

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