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SPIRIT RELEASE & Paranormal Activity

SPIRIT RELEASE & Paranormal Activity

Christian shares his 26 years’ experience of working with stuck spirit energies. It is not about ghost-busting, but about identifying and releasing with love and compassion, thus ultimate healing for all.

The process is one of heart-based connection with the soul of a trapped spirit.

It is NOT about ghost-busting, which is insensitive and can damage the soul of the person stuck in the in-between world.

As your home is an externalised mirror of your inner home, energy blockages in life will relate to parts of the building and certain rooms. Ghosts can attach themselves to furniture, art and other artefacts, even cars.

Christian will illustrate through many of his consultation experiences, and share his approach to how to recognise, connect and release earth-bound spirit with love and compassion.


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