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from Foundation to Quantum Level

Understanding and working with etheric and earth energies and


Dowsing is not only about earth energies, but also about Life Questions

Health, Wealth, Career, Relationships etc.

Learn to ask any question of the dowsing rods or pendulum, and get an answer

An experiential workshop with Christian Kyriacou

No previous experience necessary.

Christian Dowsing

Watch Dowsing video clips at

Why Learn to Dowse?

Dowsing is the science and art of reading energies. We will learn the language of our instruments – how to use our bodies, dowsing rods, and a pendulum to enhance our practical and intuitive dowsing skills.

We will explore questions such as our relationship with our home and workplace. Our home being a reflection of our ‘inner home’, and consider why we choose to live or work where we do. There is a direct correlation between our environment and our success in life and aspects of this can be measured with dowsing.

Christian has been working with dowsing for over 20 years and will share his knowledge and experience at all levels of his work with clients, houses and the land.

We will explore and consider the following:

*             Earth Energies

*             Geopathic Stress

*             Ancestral and Karmic Patterns

*             Soul Purpose

*             Spirits, Ghosts and Paranormal Activity.

*             The earth energies and etheric influences in the environment.

*             Develop the art of understanding how to bring balance to our spaces.

*             Experience physical and quantum levels of perception.

Learn how geopathic stress, energy lines and leys, including Hartman and Curry grids, relate to    the psycho-spatial element of people and their homes.

Become familiar with simple yet powerful ways to read the invisible energies in your home and   within yourself from physical to the etheric, and understand the relationship between them.

Resolving problem issues in homes and buildings

Do you ever feel that a house or work place just does not feel right, as if something strange is out of balance? Some areas may feel uncomfortable or cold, sticky and thick like treacle, and may even give you a sick feeling or a headache.

Is the building stressed-out or traumatised? What happened in that space before you arrived? Where is the heart centre located and does the building have a soul?

We will learn how to read the space and perceive how unseen energies reflect an owner’s or company’s belief systems and subconscious patterns, affecting those who live and work there.

Using our minds and bodies as instruments to identify and connect with ‘stuck’ earth and etheric energies, we can clear and release energetic debris in buildings. Through a technique Christian calls Psychotherapeutic Regression, any soul fragments can be gathered together and taken back to zero point. This is done by clearing, re-aligning and reconnecting the building to its original blueprint, so that it remembers its original purpose. We will identify when a new function is needed, and learn how a new code can be programmed into its core memory.

Christian will also share his experience of Geomancy using physical and metaphysical dowsing techniques. Connecting the geomantic energies of the land with the etheric matrix and Akashic field helps us to understand some of the energies we come across.

Tuning up our instrument and Dowsing with Harmonics

For effective dowsing, our physical, mental and emotional bodies need to be in tune – as people, we are the instruments for dowsing and the devices we use are the tools. By ensuring the highest possible frequencies within us, we can serve others and the land in a more efficient and powerful way, thus ensuring our dowsing work achieves the most beneficial outcome.

This aspect of the workshop will introduce the harmonics of the universe, the sacred geometry of life. Thus, the sound of a room or building changes depending on the matrix of energies at play emanating from the earth as well as cosmic vibrations.

Experience the transformational power of the sacred instruments and the human voice.

Sense the nature of space and the quality of earth energy lines and vortexes through their harmonic imprint.

Experience tuning into inter-dimensional spaces and earth energy lines.

Discover the blueprint of different earth energies and learn how to make changes using harmonics.

Feel how coming into alignment with natural law allows resolution of the most ‘negative’ of earth energies.

Enhance your environment and improve your health, wealth and relationships!

Dowsing Rods

You will need a pair of dowsing rods and a pendulum – they will be offered for sale at the workshop with a discount for early-bird Bookings.

Selected Workshop Videos

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