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All workshops with 'Module' mentioned below count towards the Training Modules needed in The House Whispering Training Programme leading up to becoming a Certified House Whispering Practitioner. See full details at the VISIT PAGE link:
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Epigenetic Architecture:

The Consciousness Matrix of Buildings:

Kew College

Christian will discuss integrating the wisdom of the ancients into contemporary architecture through sacred sound, harmonics and sacred geometry. Our inherent DNA relates to the harmonic codes of a building, modes in music and our emotions, which is why we subconsciously choose where we live by how it feels. He will show how we are attracted, through resonance, to a particular country, land or house for resolution of life issues. This journey often spans past lives, or parallel dimensions, which we can access through the Akashic field. ‘Our House is the Mirror of our Soul.’ When our external home and inner home are in balance, we align our golden mean heart harmonics to their original authentic code. This allows the potential for healing at deep levels of our cellular biology.

With reference to his work as The House Whisperer, Christian will look at ways of resolving some extraordinary complex scenarios of human behaviour. See how the ripple effect in the etheric matrix of space from events of past generations such as battle, trauma and even murder, leave scars deep in the psyche of the land and buildings. Meet some of the people who are drawn through resonance to move to a particular location in order to put an end to the karmic cycle of action, reaction and conflict, bringing peace and healing for themselves, the ancestors and future generations.geo-image

Christian will also consider the energetic factors which influence the quality of space, including designing to the geometric and harmonic principles of nature to support life force chi for raising consciousness and enhancing physical and spiritual nourishment.

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