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All workshops with 'Module' mentioned below count towards the Training Modules needed in The House Whispering Training Programme leading up to becoming a Certified House Whispering Practitioner. See full details at the VISIT PAGE link:
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Space Clearing and Alignment

Space Clearing & Alignment – Foundation Level:

with Christian Kyriacou – The House Whisperer:
Lisbon ws 2014 a


An experiential workshop for working with the Transformation of Alchemical Space: understanding and transforming people and their environment.

From beginners to advanced – no previous knowledge required.

Sacred Space
Are you living in Sacred Space? Are you listening to what your house is trying to tell you? Does your home serve and support you? Is your house holding old patterns or trauma of what has gone on there before?

A fascinating and powerful experiential training workshop for perceiving and tuning up your inner metaphysical receptors.

Christian has a unique and holistic approach to understanding our relationship with home, ourselves and our direction in life. CK has been working with the psychotherapy of space for over 20 years now, with over 1,250 home consultations to his credit.

He will share with us:

Unwanted Energies and Spirit Release from the Heart of Home:
Discover if there are energetic/energy disturbances and spirit activities in your spaces and how, if the fragmentation of the energy fields is not addressed, they will seriously impact on health, wealth and relationships! Why does someone choose a house to match their life story and even activate or submit to sabotage patterns”?

He will give us an introduction to methods of resolution – how the clarity of the space in our homes will enable us to embrace a healthier emotional connection within ourselves as well as with others at all levels.

“If the heart of a house is free from fragmented energies, then we can align to our higher purpose” CK.

Etheric Structures
We will explore the basics of Transformational Codes in the Etheric Grid Weaving and Restructuring Parallel, The Consciousness Grids of Creation and Quantum Physics Beyond ‘Space Clearing’

Experience the dynamic power and purpose of sacred geometrical shapes in the etheric structure of molecular space, the morphic field and the consciousness grids of creation.

Dimensional Realities
Journey through the invisible world of energy of the etheric matrix to experience and understand how to tune into existing programmes and codes, which may be out of time and current dimension.

Resolution of Trauma in the Fields
Identify the residual vibrations of former trauma and stress retained in the etheric structures of your own fields, within buildings and in the land. Find resolution through soul alignment and clearance techniques.

Transmuting the Energies
We shall see how to transmute the frequencies of people and their spaces so that the harmonics come into alignment and phase lock through the golden mean ratio of the heart, shifting perceived and dimensional realities – this deals with many issues whether physical, psychic or psychological.

If a space is totally healthy and resonating to sacred geometries, nothing can ‘hang around’ or hide in the darkest corners of the web of denial! If people, a house and land vibrate to their natural spatial resonance, optimal health can be reached/achieved.

Codes and Programming
An introduction to creating, dissolve and resetting energy shields. Re-code and programme with pure intention for the highest and best outcome.

Understand and then feel the energy and emotion of your desires – relationships, children, money, success – wait for the physical world to catch up and manifest…

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