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Sweden Workshop with Christian Kyriacou

my first visit at Yogahälsan, in Örnsköldsvik

* * *

To achieve Wealth, Health and Relationships

16th June, Sunday evening 6 – 9pm

200 SEK


The house you live in has memories from former owners. You may have heard the expression ‘house of divorce’ or ‘unhappy house’. These memories and life patterns tend to repeat themselves and can affect your life including your health, wealth and relationships, whether you are aware of it or not…

Christian Kyriacou, The House Whisperer, will guide you to feel the emotions and consciousness of your home. He will help you to experience and understand the relationship between your ‘inner home’ and the ‘outer home’ where you live.

You will learn techniques to work with the energies of your home and how to make potential change. For example, cleaning up on Friday is an energy process, but energy patterns that are ‘stuck’ in the walls do not disappear unless these are also cleared at a deeper level. One simple thought might be to give healing to the house, and you will also be giving healing to yourself.

Christian’s approach includes a unique blend of science and intuitive skills, including space clearing and alignment, and Feng Shui. His goal is to inspire people to find clarity, strength and success in every aspect of life. Getting in touch with the energy of home improves people’s lives, as they become one with the heart of the home.

Be prepared to think of where you live in unexpected ways!

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