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The Ki Astrology & Ancestral Dynamics: Netherlands

Discover and Empower your Life Path

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Our past, including ancestral influences, bring us to the moment of re-birth this lifetime. Our first breath sets the astrological pattern of our Ki energy numbers. We choose our place of birth, our parents and friends in soul-groups so that we may continue the purpose of our life-journey, of healing and resolution of events, perhaps left incomplete from past lifetimes.

Discover who you and others truly are, and how to achieve goals in life including Health, Wealth & Relationships which may be hindered by our past.

The Ki itself is an Eastern system of Astrology which explores the cosmic dynamics underlying human interaction and emotions. Christian merges his many years of experience working with ancestral past life energies to help us understand

It is not about prediction of events but understanding the energies that will arise to help or hinder our journey in life throughout the current year and beyond.

Every building and piece of land carry imprints of what has happened before. Christian explores how our past, and inherited ancestral patterns affect our lives and the homes we choose to live in.

We consider why, through repetition, why we bring forth life events in order to recreate situations in our souls’ journey for resolution and healing of what was left undone in the past. Christian explores, identifies and unravels the source of pattern imprints and core seed-form programs which often come from beyond this lifetime, or even perceived dimensions of time and space. This  includes trauma events which may have shattered aspects of being, requiring a soul-retrieval process to regain any lost fragments of our energy fields.

Without resolution, we cannot achieve our full potential or feel fully at-home where we live. The ultimate aim as ever in Feng Shui, is to guide people to take personal responsibility and self-empowerment of their life issues leading to peace and harmony.

Whilst feng shui is essentially dealing with space, the 9 star Ki is primarily a study and understanding of energy and time. It works by looking at our lives in 9 year, 9 month and 9 day cycles.  When we were born determines our Natal character, our Emotional nature and our Manifestation dynamics.

Within your 9 year cycle you will have periods of dormancy, planning, fame, activity and prosperity. Knowing where you are in your cycle in any given month or year can help make the most of your natural resources. Knowing your own feng shui astrology can help you plan events in life, career and house moves, financial, relationships etc. The principles of the subject are simple to understand and need no mathematical skills. During this workshop see how to discover your expectations for the next 12 months.

During the Workshop you will learn how to:

* Calculate your Chart and that of friends and colleagues.

You will discover:

* Who you, and others are in terms of the 9 characters

* Where you are in your own 9 year life cycle.

This fascinating insight helps you to determine when best to plan, initiate or undertake a major project or move.

Relationships: Discover why you relate to your partner in the way that you do. In business how you relate to colleagues and people you do business with.

Printed Material:

Astrology calculations and other material covered in the workshop will be provided in English. The presentation will be in English.

When: 6th September 2019

Time: 7 pm – 9:30pm

Price: 45 euros

Organised by Feng Shui Design Academy

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Roosje Voslaan 2
4105 JZ Culemborg (Gelderland)

When: 6th September 2019

Time: 7 pm – 9:30pm

Price: 45 euros

Refreshments are included.

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