Sacred Geometry


There is a relationship between number, sacred geometry, music and architecture. Understanding the universal laws of harmonics that weave these together, allows for harmony to flow within the land and buildings, thus benefiting those who live and work in them.

Video: The interlocking of Cosmic and Earth geometries at Sintra, Portugal


how to create the geometry through sound…

The ratio is 1:1.61803… it is an irrational number as are several sacred geometry proportions used in nature and architecture.

To reach the Golden Mean with the voice, you need at least two people. A group is very powerful.

Start with one note, half the group go up to the octave (doubling the base note). A small group go to the half-way point which in ratio terms is 1.5.

It does not matter which note you start with as that is your base note, the number 1.

As the golden mean ration is 1.618… then as the two notes, base and octave are being held steady, Steady is crucial, then the ‘half-way note’ group just nudge their note slight upwards by just a bit until the golden mean is felt.

So, the stages are:

  1. Base note (1)
  2. Base note plus octave (2)
  3. Base note plus octave (2) plus ‘half-way note’ 1.5
  4. Base note plus octave (2) plus ‘half-way note’ moving slightly up from 1.5 to 1.618…

Enjoy the experience of the spin of creation: the procreative energy of our universe. You know when it happens as the room starts to spin, portals of energy are created and tingling in the body can occur. In fact, we do not create the golden mean, we join it as it is already a fundamental construct of our universe.

In its perfection, we join the sacred web of our universe and space/time realities activate for use in raising the vibration of the Earth and Galactic grids. The accuracy and power of the process does depend on the Conductor holding the perfection and resonance of the golden mean in their soul. This then allows the voices to fall into place.

Videos: Rennes-le-Château: The Abbot’s Kitchen, Glastonbury