Book Reviews

Yay!…Christian’s book The House Whisperer has finally been published. All of the magic of his life’s rich journey working with people, the land and the essence of home… including stories of some of the fascinating consultations we have done together in the past 9 years… a recommended read!.
Sandy Humby, Hampshire
Christian’s book is a treasure trove. For those new to the subject this is an informative, empowering and highly entertaining read that will open your mind to unimagined realms. For those coming from a deeper level of understanding, what grabs your solar plexus is that Christian is coming from a level of Truth with a capital T. For too long practitioners in this field have propounded the myth that ‘bad homes’ just happen to you. Not only does he dispel this, but instead takes you on a journey of why any of us attract these sort of energies to ourselves and our homes in the first place, thereby providing the key to living a happier, healthier life. The clincher is the diversity of gripping real life stories – and his vast, vast on-the-job experience and profound understanding of his subject. Inspiring!
Elizabeth Brown, Author of DOWSING
I have read your book and I am filled with awe and inspiration – you are my hero. For me the book was fascinating, relating each area of the work to applied examples of the principals made it come alive.
. . . It was a book I could not put down, I think this is because of the place I am on my journey. It makes me think we co-create everything and your book was an enlightened Aha moment. Being a simple man I found some of the sentences long, complicated, made me really think, in some cases even go and research what the words meant. I think that is my limited vocabulary and it helped me to learn. The Book is a seminal work for anybody who is interested in the harmony, balance of one’s life and how we impact and affect everything. The vibrational energy of the universe will be improved from your shared wisdom.
. . . The chapter where you co-create with the reader the visualisation of connecting them to the heart of their home was quite moving & emotional for me. You have made a difference to me & I believe the book will do the same to many others. Thank you!
J.B, Essex
Thank you for writing the book, you have created a beautiful sharing of your house whispering experiences. I especially resonated with your philosophy regarding expressing unity rather than duality. This seems to sum up the practice of expressing reverence for Life; it’s given me plenty to think about with regard to house whispering. Thank you once again, for taking the time and effort to write such an amazing book! The way you honour and respect all of Life, and realise this through the practical processes of house whispering, is a true inspiration. I wonder if you programmed the books too, as a lovely energy seems to radiate out of mine.
Wendy D, Wales
They say ‘home is where the Heart is’ — and, with this book, we are fortunate indeed to have the extensive experience, insights, and awareness of its gifted author, chartered architect and interior designer Christian Kyriacou. Exploring such key issues as ‘why do we live where we do’, we learn about the possible patterns, potentialities, and new options that might be possible re: our home — or, perhaps, where we might like – or need – to move to, as the case may be. With chapter ranging from how a house ‘holds Memory’, relationship and life issues, ghosts and the paranormal, buying and selling a property, how space are – or can be – patterned, how land and buildings interconnect with both heaven and earth, and sacred elements of Architecture — all strands woven into a genuinely insightful Whole, helping all of us better understand why – and where – we live (and, perhaps, with who – and why!) Learn more about how to turn your existing home into a sacred Sanctuary for you and yours, and ensure that you are – and will be – in resonance with your home and the universal Wisdom through time. This book is a welcome addition to a growing field, and is highly recommended. It is fabulous, and such an excellent overall scope of what all you’ve covered in this book – wide-ranging, but not too much so – and just a fascinating new ‘take’ on each subject area for (nearly) anyone ‘out there’ ! It is also a beautifully produced book, and the cover is fantastic! Well done! You’re a Light, on the path… and your many years of genuine seeking and hard work have paid off very well. Of course, I looked at the Harmonies (music, etc) chapter first – fab! Can’t wait to read the rest of it, but did want to get back to you, having now seen it. Celebrations, Light, and many blessings to you
Karen Ralls, Oxon
Just popped through my letterbox – beautiful quality production Christian, and I highly recommend the content.
C.M, London
Absolutely beauty full…well done! It feels exquisite in Hand & Heart and reads lightly and magically, though factual and clear. Much Love and gratitude for the book.
J.C, Somerset
I’m reading this wonderful book at the moment – its so engaging I cant put it down!
E.C, Ireland
Book arrived today – and I’m loving it – so compelling…..I’ve got loads to do, but would rather be sitting in the warm reading it. Already made me think about where we’ve been living, and how I feel such joy about our home in India.
G.B, London
A very warm thankyou for the beautiful book. The cover is fabulous, and the contents pages really speak. I can only imagine the time and dedication you have given to this. I am not reading anything at the moment, but I look forward very much to the pleasure of exploring soon. I expect it to go world-wide…Blessings and in Light!
Just started reading it, devouring it. Really love the style. Very eloquent and down to earth. Have already thought of a handful of people for whom this will be a ‘must have’ present. There’s so much in your book. It’s like a BLT sandwich filled with all your favourite things! On gluten free bread, natch. I’m resisting the temptation to chapter hop but it’s very difficult. I can see this being an all nighter!
R.J, Bristol
A thought provoking book on so many levels. Each chapter offers new and interesting perspectives on our homes and our emotions and how they interact. On top of that Christian offers his expertise and knowledge on other realms and realities. Each house has a soul, a past and a personality of its own and when an owner moves in with his/her own soul, past and personality a relationship forms. As a psychotherapist I have found it of particular interest and I feel sure it will be very useful on the bookshelf in my therapy room.
Andrea Harn , Psychotherapist, UK
Book of the week! Thank you Christian for your contribution to the world of (sacred & resonant) architecture
J.C, Canada
Thank you for book – I think it may change my life – have already started to clear my space.
J, Essex
Started your book last night, couldn’t put it down, awe inspiring!
Every now and then a new book comes along that throws a fresh new light on a tired, outdated paradigm. The House Whisperer by Christian Kyriacou is that book. For too long practitioners in the field of house ‘clearing’ and environmental energies have propounded the myth that a) ‘bad homes’ just happen to you, and b) all you have to do is bang in some steel rods or place some crystals about. Not only does Christian dispel this, but instead he takes you on a journey of why any of us attract these sorts of energies to ourselves and our homes in the first place, thereby providing the key to living a happier, healthier life. The clincher is the diversity of gripping real life stories – and his vast, vast on-the-job experience and profound understanding of his subject. If you’re looking for a book that really explains what geopathic stress is, and all the myriad subtle energies that can be found in our homes, this is the book for you.
Elizabeth Brown, Author of DOWSING
I’ve been trapped at home in bed with flu, and gave myself the treat of reading your book. Your book is already helping me with issues from my house. I already had a dream and a conversation with people who lived here, dead or not dead. Important is that today I awoke and the phrase was “I don’t want to die” instead of “I want to die”, that I knew it wasn’t mine, I’ve been through therapy, and still do when I feel I need, but indeed there are things that are beyond that. Today, I feel relieved. I’ll look forward to keep that feeling. Thank you very much for your book. I hope we’ll meet some day! Greetings!
E.B, Lisbon
Just a note to thank you for your very fine book. I found it illuminating and very informative.I must congratulate you on producing such a superb publication.
Ray Irons, UK
I have being reading through the various pages with great interest. The House Whisperer is truly an intriguing book with extraordinary real life stories that gives a fascinating insight of mysticism.
Jean M-H, UK
Your book came just at the right time Christian… it giving me a kick up the butt to sort out my energy blocks which have lasted about TWO YEARS… including some illness. The front cover just GRABBED me. A BIG thank you! Truth and Wisdom

Later contact: Your book is dangerous. The more I read it, the more I am thinking that there are more hidden issues I have been blocked by. Is this just from reading all the incidences? But, YOU are the only expert to unravel the mystery… it seems to involve a mixture of gifted expertise that hardly anyone else has. Thank you for helping me bring some issues to light. I will be looking at how to approach them.

Eunice, New Jersey
Having read Christian Kyriacou’s The House Whisperer two years ago upon its release, I thought it was a very good book. Now, having come back to it after world travelling and settling into a home for a year, the words seem to be making sense on a much deeper level. Combining many fields of knowledge over decades of study, Christian has a unique perspective on life that is relevant for everyone who lives somewhere. It is a sign of the coming Golden Age that books like this are now available for everyone to read, digest and benefit from. Giles B. Essex.
Giles Bryant, Essex, England
Just wanted to let you know that I have been savouring your writing and fully enjoying myself in your words.
Trisha K, Houston, Texas
Your book is very captivating and it has opened up a total new world of amazement and I thank you for sharing your findings with us all. Your book is a treasure and I am enjoying showing it to my friends. I have imagined myself giving my home a big hug as I am happy and grateful to have a home that allows me to be myself with my pets and garden as it is rented.

Jane B, UK
I just finished reading your book and I’d like to express my deep gratitude for having brought together such broad and deep material, wisdom and experience around these matters! Now having read your book, your stories and your approach of space alignment I find so much confirmation what I thought was ‘real’ and that with whatever tools or processes one might work on matters of the Heart of Home, the underlying inherent symmetry of Love always prevails and becomes visible when one is open to it.
Gabriele N, UK
What makes Christian Kyriacou’s, The House Whisperer such a fascinating read is the way he interweaves a vast experience of knowledge and understanding of how spaces contain energetic imprints of the past. Coupled with his own innate abilities to sense subtle energy within spaces, he shares actual events that he has witnessed with his clients during consultations. Christian has the extraordinary ability to explain somewhat esoteric concepts in a way that the average reader can clearly comprehend. For me, the most interesting part of the book is his own personal journey to become The House Whisperer, and how years of study along with his unique gifts of intuitive insights enables him to have a profound impact on many lives.

The message that prevails throughout the book is that the feeling of ‘home’ must first come from within ourselves. It’s not what is wrong with the home, or how to clear the space and shift the ‘negative’ energies, but what is the message that it’s trying to tell you about yourself? Why did you attract this house to begin with and why it may no longer feel right to you. While there can be some interesting history about past occupants or what transpired on the land before the house was built (and there are plenty of those highly entertaining stories in the book) what is most enlightening is how it all comes back to the current occupants, their lives, their stories and how their homes are just reflecting back to them unresolved issues or events in their lives that are keeping them stuck in that same vortex of energy, repeating patterns and attracting similar situations without discovering the underlying causes.

One would think that the title, The House Whisperer would describe a book written for people trying to sell a house, having issues with ghosts or other paranormal activity, or someone feeling the house they are living in is just doesn’t suit them. While all that is true, in actuality, it’s for anyone who wants to remember what it feels like to truly be ‘at home’.

Laura Gevanter, USA