Workshop Reviews

I would recommend Christian’s work to anyone. I recently attended one of his workshops in Gothenburg (Oct 2011) and it was awe-inspiring! It really is for everyone, no matter which background or issue.
My interpretation is that Christian is merging soul integration, spiritual depth, personal issues and family history together with earth and buildings own lives to bring everything back into harmony. It is soul work on high levels and yet doable for anyone. Nijananda (sanskrit for ‘true bliss’) Marie (Sweden)
I gather that you are meeting today to discuss possibly coming and doing some teaching for us at the Earth School. I do hope that you can as I find your work really interesting and I’m sure that we would all benefit from your knowledge and techniques of working with space.
Dear Christian, Thank you so much again for last night. It was so generous of you to give so much of yourself and facilitate the group in that way. Lots of people turned up expectedly so they must have known on some level that there was to be a very special happening and healing. I have to say you really do have a gift with the gong along with your intuition and sensitivity. It took people so deep so very quickly and I think a workshop around the gong would be so beneficial. LOL Savina
Dear Christian, My name is Zara and I met you on Saturday the 17th May at the SOPH workshop. I wanted to thank you very deeply for the afternoon you spent with us. I learned a great deal and was fascinated, especially with the energy and sound healing techiniques. Once again with gratitude and respect. Best wishes Zara A.
Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend of sacred sounds etc., it has had quite a profound effect on my overall energy bodies, especially the experience with the gong!!!! I am continuing with the sound work and look forward to any meeting which can be arranged to continue this wonderful energy work.
Hi Christian, I wanted to thank you for your inspiring workshop. It radiated a quality of sincerity, beautiful understanding, and love… all that which the world needs. Bright Blessings, Dennis Owens.
Thanks for the workshop this weekend, it was most enjoyable. The Positive Living Group.
Thanks SO much for the workshop – it was fabulous, and so was the energy of the group – I alway send up reconnecting with people at these things and it’s an added joy.
By the way, your lecture last tuesday (feng shui introduction – if I’m allowed to call it Like that) was great!!! even, I think, I somehow knew all of that – but it was still very different, like always. You normally speak from a totally different/higher perspective, much wider, and more “human” (compared to all the others) very much you!!! haven’t met anyone like that.
I also just wanted to say thanks again for a most inspiring, thought provoking, practical and fun weekend. I just hope I can do you justice by putting even a bit of your teaching into practice at home and in my life. I think the message about ‘intention’ came through strongly and it happens to be something I have been incorporating in my life, work and passion more and more over the last year or so. I find I have to consciously keep reminding myself of this and the workshop helped to confirm my feelings about ‘intention’. I have also started to use ‘sound’ a little more than I used to. The cat seems a bit surprised at times, especially when I hit a duff note, but it certainly seems to be doing my throat a lot of good if nothing else.
Thanks to you for this evening, Anne and myself enjoyed it very much. To see and feel the energy we created this evening in such a short space of time was truly awesome.
Just a quick note to say thank you for a very special weekend on sacred geometry and harmonics. I thoroughly enjoyed it! I look forward to more of your courses (and hope that you are able to put together a regular evening course which goes into more depth).
I just wanted to drop a note to further express my gratitude for your help and information on sacred geometry during our brief talk. This is an exciting field of study, whose principles I eagerly anticipate in incorporating into my textile products. If I can be of assistance from my unique vantage point of Hong Kong, please feel free to contact me.
I just want to say thank you for the wonderful experience I had on FRI attending your workshop. It was very inspiring and expanded my horizons to another dimension of space clearing using harmonics.
I wanted to say thank you for another learning and wonderful experience last night at Brighton before you left but missed you entirely. I could sleep last night ( not the night before). The golden section harmonics have grounded me further.
You gave us a wonderful evening (Brighton PAG), thank you so much. I will let you know about other talks when I set up my 2002 programme.
Thank you Christian for a most enlightening day! Even in that rather plastic (in the modern sense) building, our voices seemed to soar, you must be a great boon to Kingston University. The Sanskrit was beautiful too. Thank you. I’m off to sing to my shell collection now….but I still want to sing the sound of a pyramid please. Long live harmony.
I really enjoyed the course on Sunday and was particularly interested in Feng Shui and the possibility of changing energies in a space to bring about harmony. Can you please keep me posted on any future courses you are running. Many thanks.
Enjoyed last Sunday and such a good group.
Many thanks for an inspiring day on sunday. Much learned and much to think about
Wednesday evening (sacred sound group) was wonderful. I had never experienced anything like it before.
Thank you for your workshop. I really enjoyed creating the chords – it was fascinating. I used the ‘golden mean’ chord at a very disturbed place last week and it certainly changed the energy for the better. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Looking forward to seeing you again.
Your presentation at the Colet House sounds so wonderful. You are changing the world of form by putting so much wisdom and its applications together. Blessings.
House NOT just bricks and mortar! “Thank you for such an interesting evening last night, I will no longer just think of my house as bricks and mortar any more. Fascinating stuff!!” Weymouth 08.04.15
Thank you for a great gong evening, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Your hospitality and home made me feel very welcome and the lovely group of people were easy to talk to. I have been to two other sound meditation evenings but this one is my favourite! Love Jane

Thank you for the opportunity to come on to your workshop. It was so good to work so precisely on the intervals and let the participants have an ever deepening experience. That seems to me to be my own next step after years of doing primarily introductory workshops covering many areas. We shall see.
I just wanted to thank you again for the incredible sound session yesterday. I left your home last night feeling a wonderful sense of calm and grounding, but after the journey back to Fulham and thoughts of the potential and implications of sound in the future, I was unable to sleep until well into the small hours. At one stage I seemed to be ‘humming’ from head to toe and felt as if the top of my head would explode! I was as high as a kite!! I began asking my guidance what had happened that evening. All about the ‘samples’ (of sound) ‘allowing access to higher frequencies.’ When asked how it had affected me physically, “Correlated matter and frequency delivering potent energies to your system.” Then today I recalled something about ‘time warps’ but I hadn’t understood what was meant and I had finally fallen asleep. A sincere thank you for the warm welcome and allowing me to access higher frequencies – I enjoyed the evening from start to finish. What an adventure we’re on! Blessings, Chrissie
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the fantastic and life-altering workshop you held in Gothenburg this summer (2014). The way you so generously shared your wisdom, kindness and humour was wonderful. It gave me a strong belief in myself and that ‘the images in my head’ really are to trust. It’s an amazing feeling to believe what I see and feel in places and in interaction with others. Since the workshop I’ve been in such a happy, positive and anticipating ‘place’. It truly feels amazing! And now, with the experiences from the workshop, so aligned with what my heart’s been searching for, I would like to learn more. Thank you so much for your advice and for being the fantastic and loving person that you are. Love, Victoria, Sweden

I came to your talk at the CAA in Covent Garden and loved it. I loved watching you handle the people with love and respect and gentleness, and a nice bit of firmness with humour.
I want to say a huge thank you! again for your wonderful gong bath last night. This morning I awoke from a very much needed deep, peaceful and restful sleep, the like of which I have not had for a very, very long time. What a gift and a tonic it was/is for me. Thank you thank you! Yv.
Your Home, Your Life, Your Future Workshop, Culemborg Netherlands:

Thank you for the wonderful weekend! It was a great experience. I’m looking forward to the next two workshops. Count me in! warm wishes E.B.

Dowsing Workshop, Kingston: 11th June 2016

I so much appreciated your friendly dowsing workshop which i found reassuring (i rested longer than usual this morning without anxiety…). Although i have used the pendulum regularly throughout the years for checking out decisions, i had not made use of dowsing rods…and sense that i shall find the ones you and your son have created will support me to extend this skill further (eg for map dowsing, and even finding lost objects – a frequent irritation in older age, unless one is careful to follow the wise fireman’s rule “don’t put it down, put it away!” (specs & keys, frequently mislaid…). Blessings on your good work. Love, Anna M., London

Dowsing Workshop, Kingston: 11th June 2016

Many thanks for your tuition today. I really benefited and now my rods are responding. Your insight with the lady who couldn’t say no and her rods weren’t moving was incredible…. I related to this and the masculine/feminine /left/right. I will keep practicing. Neil G.