Life Whispers: Culture, Architecture, Feng Shui

Living with Renovations

Living in a house during renovations has its problems…

Did you ask permission of the house before starting works?

Are you in alignment with your home?

Chiswick House, London

Chiswick House, London. A house with no kitchen, used for meetings of powerful men…

2000 Year Old Yew Tree

It would have been planted 1000 years before the church was built, perhaps on a stone circle site. To think of the events this tree will have witnessed as it stood proudly on the hill.

Ancestral Dynamics

A story of coming back to ancestral roots. Gilbert Russell buys Mottisfont in 1934, he then discovers that he was a descendant of William Briwere, who founded the Priory in 1201.

Kathmandu – A Tribute

Filmed by Christian Kyriacou.

Holding the vision of Kathmandu and its people. Snapshots of life in a Spiritual City to be re-built.

See the magic of what was, and still is a major spiritual centre. The etheric reality of the place still resonates and lives on…

I filmed this in 1999 during the Feng Shui Tour of China, Tibet, Nepal and India organised by Roger Green.

Lord Ganesha lives in the hearts of all.

Helping the children in Kathmandu through the Siddhartha Foundation:

To purchase a copy of the DVD filmed in Tibet with 100% of profits to Nepal, please vist the shop:

Dear Christian, oooh what a superb work of art – a fitting tribute and sensitive record of that beloved city – it is hard to come to terms with the misery in the world – Shiva the Destroyer is certainly shaking his trident to awaken us all….keep up the good work of raising awareness and maintaining harmony… with love and gratitude.

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Sintra Sacred Geometry

The union merge of Heaven and Earth reflected in the sacred geometry of the Templar buildings at Sintra, Portugal. With Christian Kyriacou.

Glastonbury: Whispers from the Air…

Glastonbury: Whispers from the Air…

and the voices of Monks in The Abbot’s Kitchen coming through Dimensional Sonic Portals.

The voice track is from a Sacred Sounding session in The Abbot’s Kitchen, where you can hear the voice of an ancient monk joining in from another world… through dimensional sonic portals.

No sheep were harmed during the making of this movie…

Sacred Sites, Geomancy and Sacred Geometry form part of

The House Whisperer Professional Training Programme

The main image and sketch of the reconstructed Abbey are taken from Stukeley’s Itinerary dated 1723.

Robert Watts speaks with Christian about Indiana Jones

An interview with Robert Watts, Producer of the ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Indiana Jones’ series, and ‘Who framed Roger Rabbit’.

Robert was in attendance at a London conference on the Bosnian Pyramids in April 2015, arranged by Marion Ross, at Steiner House, London, along with Director Gulrukh Khan.

Robert is an Executive Producer on a film on the Bosnian Pyramids that Gulrukh is making, in collaboration with Dr. Semir Osmanagich, the Principal Discoverer and Investigator of The Pyramid complex.

Robert was invited as a special guest to the conference, where he spoke a few words in support of this major discovery.

Robert kindly agreed to do an informal interview with myself as I was one of the Contributors at the conference.

The Masculine/Feminine Relationship and Purpose of Sacred Sites

Stone Circle, Sweden

The Masculine/Feminine Relationship and Purpose of Sacred Sites

I am taken to an incredible location on the West coast of Sweden near Gothenburg, a forest of granite. The site has no negative earth energy lines allowing our personal energy fields to rest in still centre and connecting to source without any ‘electrical’ interference.

I speak with Susanna (my host at Nordic School of Feng Shui) about my sense of why sacred sites were designed and built. About how the natural earth energy lines can be diverted and embedded into the stones of a stone circle, or the walls of a temple, church or cathedral, creating a masculine structure thus allowing the inner space, the feminine to be held and protected.

More videos of this Stone Circle Site coming soon…

Etheric Gateways – The Invisible Entrance Codes

At an entrance to a city, sacred site or other place, there is an invisible entrance often guarded by an energy; ‘the spirit of place’. It is created with consciousness that has placed an intention or belief system. It is strengthened by repeated ceremony as in the ‘beating of the bounds’ where in many parts of the country, there is a tradition during Beltane in May, where people walk the boundary of the village and thrash the hedges so their energy and intention to mark the boundary is strengthened.

In this video clip, at Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, England is a typical example of a city gate entrance where the sense of the original entrance still resonates in the air. You can feel a buzz in your body as you slowly pass through the physical gateway.

with thanks to Sandy for filming

More on Etheric Gateways in ‘The House Whisperer’ Book p123

Parachute Jump

Scary Life Moments – touching the boundaries of fear.

A blast from the past. The scariest thing I have ever done! a parachute jump. This was for raising funds for the charity Mencap, well that was my excuse to experience the boundaries of fear!

On a very calm day in August 1990 at Langar Airfield, Nottinghamshire, my excitement and bravado came to a sudden halt when realising as the plane ascended, that there was only one way down! yeps 2,000 feet… and if the chute did not open it was just 12 seconds before hitting the ground – quite a sobering thought! Some say your whole life flashes before you in that moment… there was no time for that even. The instructors report on my jump remarked ‘Head down, legs kicking’

Prayers for Peace

Six Religions, One Heart in Gothenburg

What happens when six people read prayers together out load in their own language. In a church in Gothenburg

Rose, Mint Tea and Sacred Geometry

Juliette Bryant speaks with Christian Kyriacou on the magical qualities of Rose and Mint Tea and how good it is for our health. Vibrational Medicine… the Golden Mean Ratio igniting the Fire of the heart.

visit Juliette’s Kitchen

Maserati is Cool

Pete was so grateful for the House Whispering session in Long Island NY, he offered me his Maserati. I was not able to drive it across the Altantic so I will use is when back in the Hamptons…

Read about the soul of cars in Whisper 3 of my Book
The House Whisperer

Two bees or not to be… there is no question

Two bees or not to be… there is no question. ‘Just Be’ was his message – with apologies to Francis Bacon, the son of Queen Elizabeth 1.

Filmed by Christian Kyriacou in Cornwall

Virgin Flight over New Forest

First flight with my Phantom 3 Pro Quadcopter over Stony Cross in the New Forest, Hampshire. You can make out the old airfield runways…

With thanks to Sandy, Navigator, Co-Pilot and Videographer…

Spider Labyrinth Meditation

She weaves her delicate web from the outside to the middle. Watch the opening slow motion, how the intricacy of her legs connects the delicate strands. Then she comes to rest in her centre.

Saffron Walden Labyrinth

The Maze (actually a Labyrinth) at Saffron Walden is the largest publicly owned in England. Its origins are unknown and the earliest records are 1699.

The Labyrinth represents the journey of life on many levels, from the outside worldly reality to our true centre. The turns and the angles as we walk the labyrinth, re-mind and fire up our DNA and ignite the heart – as do the turns of dancing Flamenco ‘the fire of the heart’.

Filmed on St.George’s Day.

Angels of Chester Cathedral

Chester Cathedral, England was founded as a Benedictine abbey in 1092 and dedicated to Christ and Mother Mary. It abounds with exquisite images of angels on the ceiling.

The earth energies and geomancy, hold a powerful areas of stillness allowing us to come to our own centre by just being in the space.

Patterns in the etheric matrix of home

Patterns from the past will attract us to situations. In this Story, I share my sudden fascination with clocks and then realise that I was playing out a consultation that I had taken on which had the resonance of clocks. One of the previous owners was a clock repairer!

Chapel of Bones: Evora, Portugal

CHAPEL OF BONES: 15th C. church of San Francisco in Evora, Portugal is a strange building constructed of some 5,000 skull and bones from local cemeteries.

Sonic Nutrition of Food – Tomar, Portugal

Sonic Nutrition of Food; changing its molecular structure.

In the Templar town of Tomar in Portugal, the acoustics in the refectory of The Convent of Christ, are quite haunting.

I suggest that the monks sang to their food whilst cooking which changed the molecular structure allowing greater nourishment. This is similar to the Abbot’s Kitchen in Glastonbury, England.

Taming The Dragon – St George’s Day

Taming the Dragon – St George’s Day April 23rd

This dragon has a message for all car drivers… St George’s Day Saffron Walden Market Place 2014

More information on Dragon Lines… and not to interrupt their flow – in my Book The House Whisperer pages 207, 224, 235.

with thanks for Giles and Juliette Bryant and Tom a.k.a. The Dragon

Track Day Brands Hatch 1999

Driving a Formula First – Car No.9.

Was given an 80% Initial Trial Analysis

Driving a Formula First – Car No.9.

Was given an 80% Initial Trial Analysis

with thanks to my daughter Tamara for filming and to my son Ed for the thumbs up!

St. Andrew’s Church Ham, Surrey, England

Welcome to an aerial tour of St. Andrew’s Church Ham, Surrey, England

St. Martin’s Cathedral, Utrecht, Netherlands

St. Martin’s Cathedral, Utrecht:

A violent tornado cut through the cathedral in 1674 leaving the Tower and Nave separated – an Act of God?

with thanks to Ferry Brussaard for filming, and for Wena Brussaard who organised my Dowsing workshop weekend in Culemborg.

Solstice Closing Ceremony at Maypole Forest Garden

Summer Solstice Closing Ceremony 2016 at Maypole Forest Garden, Essex, England

It’s what Robins do on a hot Sunday afternoon in my garden stream…

It’s what Robins do on a hot Sunday afternoon in my garden stream… wait for the slo-mo…

Earthdance Summer Gathering 2016 at Clophill, Bedfordshire, England.

Precious moments at Tyringham Hall, 144 Evolutionaries Evening, Source TV

Precious moments at Tyringham Hall, 144 Evolutionaries Evening, Source TV Rachel Elnaugh and friends organising: with Davina MacKail, Rita Hraiz – see the House & Grounds, and then most of the Group from the air around the fountain…

Ayia Varvara, Nicosia Cyprus

Ayia Varvara, Nicosia Cyprus

St.Barbara’s name-day (4h December) ceremony in my father’s village.

Peninha Convent, Sintra Portugal

There has been a small hermitage on the side of the Peninha hills since the foundation of Christianity in Portugal. The location became venerated during the rule of King João III (1521 – 1557) as the Virgin Mary appeared to a young shepherdess who had lost all of her sheep. The Peninha Chapel was constructed a century later after the apparition, and was finished in 1710.

Drone Crashes Whilst Filming

Drone Crash Croatia

Sometimes bright ideas create interesting filming but with disastrous when the technology is smart as when the lost GPS signal takes the drone home – but up through the roof.

Drone Field Crash

Testing the braking system but misjudged the stopping distance… oops!

Feng Shui Principles & China


Symbolism in Feng Shui

To watch the full Feng Shui Tour of China:

Feng Shui Landscape Form School Principles

The placement of furniture in our homes and offices can engender success or failure in life or business. The principles are founded in the landscape Form School Principles of feng shui as described in the video.

To watch the full Feng Shui Tour of China:

Yin & Yang in China

Yin & Yang demonstrated here in China during the Feng Shui Tour

To watch the full Feng Shui Tour of China:

Feng Shui Bagua Tai Chi

The Bagua Tai Chi. filmed during the Feng Shui Tour of China 1996.

Purchase the Full 35 minute narrated DVD of the whole Trip:

Cormorant Fishing on the Guilin River, China

Cormorant fishing is a traditional fishing method in which fishermen use trained cormorants to fish in rivers. Historically, cormorant fishing has taken place in Japan and China since about 960 AD.

I filmed this video clip on the Guilin River, China; on The Tour of China and Tibet organized by Roger Green.

The I Ching, The Book of Changes

The I Ching, the Book of Changes. Illustrated here in China.

To watch the full Feng Shui Tour of China:

Ming Tang

The open space in front of a house is considered a nourishing factor in many cultures. In Feng Shui, it is call the Ming Tang or ‘Bright Hall’. The cosmic energy of sky/heaven feeds the front door of the house.

Spaces inside buildings are also Ming Tangs such as open light rooms or hallways. It is common, particularly in country houses, to have an open hallway with stairs and a round domed room like an atrium. So this universal principle spans cultures and civilisations.

Dragon Gates: Repulse Bay Hong Kong

Why do so many buildings in Honk Kong have holes in them?

When a new block of apartments were built, they left a hole for the natural energy of the mountain to flow to the sea so as not to block the Dragons’s breath which would not bode well for life and prosperity.

There are rumours that this was just a PR gimmick to keep the locals happy for superstitious reasons. Some say that dragon lines only run under ground and not above the earth, thus debunking the ‘dragon breath through buildings’ theory. My experience is that there are other natural elemental energies above ground which would validate the ‘Open Gate’ concept in buildings… Christian Kyriacou


Brickmaking in Tibet

Bricks from local clay and baked in the sun…

Filmed as part of the Tibet Tour 1999. Filmed and edited by Christian Kyriacou


Gandhi Memorial, Delhi – Colours and Flame of Peace

Temple Drumming, India

 Saheliyon-Ki-Bari, Garden of the Maidens

Saheliyon-Ki-Bari is a garden in Udaipur, Rajasthan. It lies in northern part of the city. It was built from 1710 to 1734, by Rana Sangram Singh, for a group of forty-eight young women attendants who accompanied the princess to Udaipur as part of her dowry.

The garden is set below the embankment of the Fateh Sagar Lake and has lush lotus pools, marble pavilions and elephant shaped fountains which is how the garden got its name. The fountains are fed by the water of the lake flowing through ducts made for the purpose.

It is said that the garden was designed by the King himself and he presented it to his Queen. The Queen was accompanied by 48 maids in her marriage. To offer all of them pleasurable moments away from the political intrigues of the court and was thus a popular relaxing spot for them.

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