Professional Certified Training in House Whispering

The One Year Online Programme: Starts 18th September 2024

with Christian Kyriacou Riba, Mcsd, Dip.Bio, Dip.Psych.

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Mystery School Teachings – A Holistic approach to harmonising where we live. Making a house a home.


The Academy Intro

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How The Academy Group Runs & Student Feedback


House Whispering is about guiding people in discovering their relationship with the heart of home.

The art of exploring why we live where we do, and does our home support or hinder our life and soul purpose. The process illuminates, reveals and clarifies the relationship of our ‘inner’ home to our physical home, and how it reflects who we are. Have you ever wondered if your house was trying to tell you something?

A House Whisperer considers and resolves:

* Do you feel at home where you live?

* Did you choose your house, or did it choose you?

* Is your home a sanctuary, a peaceful place to rest where you feel energised and nourished?

* Do you feel safe, secure and protected by your four walls, or do you feel a prisoner in your own home?

* Are you living your own life or the life of someone who has previously lived in your home?

* Is your home affecting your close or intimate relationships, libido and sex life?

Make no mistake, Christian Kyriacou’s Professional Certified Training in House Whispering is the real deal. Christian shares his vast esoteric knowledge with selflessness and good humour underpinned by laser-like insights resulting in a personally transformative experience for participants. The beauty of it is that the applied knowledge is powerful, effective and practical – it works in real life situations. Kevin Parker – Shamanic Practitioner- Reiki Master- Dowser-Space Clearer. Australia

* * *

“I have really been going from break through to breakthrough since starting your online course. Really looking forward to the next part.
My relationship with my home is so much more positive…thank you” – L.B. (wellness therapist) UK, current student.


Welcome to Christian’s unique, professional Training Programme. It incorporates his 27 years experience of House Whispering consultations and 52 years as an architect working with design as well as the human emotions and psychology of buildings. The Programme offers a rare opportunity aimed for those wishing to reach a level of experience and competence to become a Certified House Whispering Practitioner enabling you to undertake client consultations both on-site and remotely. The workshop sessions and knowledge are all encompassing and can just be taken for personal development and transformation either at Foundation (9 modules) and Advanced Levels (9 modules) without the Practitioner Certification Level.

“Thank you so very much for this in-depth sharing of your powerful experiences and the unfolding transformational processes. I am very grateful to have been part of the sessions. It has helped me learn and grow so much in this amazing work. One of the best courses I have ever done” – J.M. (psychotherapist), Canada. Certified House Whispering practitioner


Yes, if you wish to explore, sense and understand the space around you and why it feels the way it does, and what your relationship is to your home.

WORLD-WIDE ACCESS: The sessions are timed to maximise time-zone availability for most countries. Current and previous students come from countries including USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, The Netherlands, Greece, Australia and from a variety of experience: healers, holistic therapy practitioners, architects, interior designers, psychotherapists.

JOINING THE ACADEMY: A conversation with Christian is important for assessing your suitability for the The House Whispering Academy  Training Programme. It is vital to ensure the highest intentions and integrity of the work in engaging with the Academy Group. Contact Christian to arrange a free call.

FEES: Please contact Christian for current fees.

“Thank you for this week’s module – and of course for the whole of the programme, it has been illuminating, challenging and transformational. I am really glad it is not the end and that we’ll have opportunities to keep in touch” – M.B. (psychotherapist), Manchester UK, Current student.


1)    Workshops: 18 Online Workshop Modules.   VIEW THE MODULES

2)    Certification Level: One session on Working with Clients, plus 3 Sessions of Consultation practice with clients online.

3)    Holding Energy Space: Christian holds the energetic space for you during the entire one year programme and is available for guidance.

4)    The Tools: Acquiring energy tools for making quantum change, enhancing all 9 life areas including health, wealth and relationships.

5)    Recordings: of Workshop Modules. Unlimited access to watch your Workshop video recordings, plus educational material and images.

6)    Consultants Register: Following Certification, you will be added to The House Whispering Consultants Register.

7)    Ongoing Support: Following Certification, access to Christian for guidance when running your own consultations.

8)    Consultation Review Group Meetings:  Occasional online meetings for group members to share consultation experiences.

9)   One to one Time with Christian:  3 hours of online sessions with Christian on any aspect of the training.

10)   The House Whisperer Book: A free signed copy of The House Whisperer by Christian Kyriacou.

Total Hours: A total of approx. 108 hours of training time across all teaching and personal communications.

“Since doing your training it has helped me understand more about me and issues that have bogged me down for most of my life.” M.H UK, current student.


A group usually consists of 9 people, maximum 12. This ensures I can give my full attention to each person and have sufficient time to address individual learning requirements and experiential processes.

WHEN: The Workshop Modules run every two weeks, 7pm – 10pm London time, over Zoom, a fully interactive live video.

“Another amazing day of learning and growing at the House Whispering Academy with Christian and my fellow on line class mates, doing Module 9 of the House Whispering Practitioner Training Certificate Program learning about the 9 Star Ki Astrology a great tool for greater understanding of self and others, so grateful” – J.M, (psychotherapist), Canada, Certified House Whispering practitioner

ABOUT Christian Kyriacou

It is often said that Christian is a teacher of teachers. He has the ability to further the knowledge of those from grass roots level with no previous experience to the practitioner with many years of experience in their own profession. His sensitive, intuitive guidance supports people through awareness of many complex subjects and varied modalities, taking the student from understanding mere information to truly becoming deeply embedded in esoteric wisdom of practical and beneficial use. See Christian’s Full Biography: About Christian

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