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What makes a home? Often people do not feel ‘at home’ even though they may have lived in the same place for many years. They do not know what the problem is, but are aware that something is just not right, does not feel good or sometimes feels really bad!

A house only becomes a home when our relationship with it is in true alignment. To be at peace in the environment where we spend much of our time requires a heart connection and true resonance with that space at a soul level.

A person will contact The House Whisperer when they need to resolve an issue in their lives related to where they live, whether it is a house, flat or apartment. This may be about relationships, health, or even paranormal activity, perhaps caused by poor development or building extensions – all contributing to why they feel unwell, cannot get on with the neighbours or even sell their house.

The nature of old energy that is left in a house by the previous occupants, can have a profound effect on your life when you move in.

“You have changed since we moved into this house; I don’t recognise you as the person I knew from before.”

A consultation seeks to address the deepest core issues that are causing problems for the client. My approach can be likened to that of a house detective or forensic architect. Exploring the significance of the deeper resonance between a person and their house in relation to the land and her inhabitants, human or otherwise, allows me to delve into the soul of a home and how it relates to the inner patterns and karma of the client. This psychotherapeutic process enables us to work together and unravel the reasons why a person may not feel ‘at home’.

The nature of old energy that is left in a house by the previous occupants can have a profound effect on your life when you move in.

In their relationship with neighbours, many people find antagonism seeping through the walls.

“I call it the persecution room, partly because it was infiltrated by the family from next door…”

Although location is a key factor in the choice of a property, the fascinating aspect is why people are often drawn to move to places that are not good for them! The spirit of the house may well call them, rather than the other way around. Unless there is full alignment between yourselves and the house, issues will arise when people often say:

“Nothing has gone right since we moved!” or “We always argue when we go into a particular room.”

Psychologists tell us that the three most stressful things in life are death, divorce and moving house. This is because the framework of ‘house’ incorporates all nine areas of life which are shaken up simultaneously when we move: career, relationships, elders & ancestors, wealth & blessings, health, helpful friends, creativity & children, contemplation & meditation, and illumination & fame.

3 R’s: My frame of reference for the stages of a consultation uses the language of the 3 R’s.

Reading: my own factual and intuitive perceptions of a house in unravelling life’s complexities.

Revelation: sharing my findings with the client and encouraging them to recognise the underlying patterns causing their problems, leading to an ‘Aha moment’, the first point of potential transformation.

Resolution: resolving the core issues towards facilitating positive change within their home spaces.

Clients are guided on a profound journey of discovery and healing, seeing how the places where they live and work are far more than what many assume to be a mere backdrop to their lives. By merging the extraordinary with the ordinary, my work illustrates a multidimensional view of the nature of reality, inspiring people to improve their lives towards greater abundance at all levels. My aim is to remind you of and reconnect you with your intimate relationship to your living space – a world pulsating with life, wisdom and possibility – by helping you to truly make it feel like home.

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Consultation Services Offered

Services offered in the following areas: click a heading to expand details.

Improving your current relationship. Releasing old patterns that do not serve you. Addressing common, yet powerful issues, such as abandonment, loneliness, not good enough, betrayal, father or mother issues.

Finding a new partner. Magnetizing to yourself a partner who matches your true vibrational picture or your ideal dream, leading to a powerful heart based relationship, fulfilling all that you desire in the other person

Have you made space for another person in your life? Often our desires are split into two: what we want and what we don’t want! Are we prepared to let go of what we have or have had in the past in order to be free to manifest what we truly want?

Is your intention clear about the kind of person you wish to attract? Clarity is essential. What we feel inside is reflected in the symbolism of our spaces. Thus the objects and artwork around us reflect our inner thoughts and desires. They can either call forward your ideal partner or push them away.

There is a direct correlation between our environment and our success in life. Financial issues are often linked to the flow of energy to where we live and within ourselves.

Extensive evidence shows that a large number of health issues relate to the ‘atmosphere’ of the space in which we live, rather than just its physical fabric.

Disease, emotion or trauma leaves an energetic imprint in space and matter. Therefore, people who have lived in the house before you can also have a major effect on your life. If a person who lived there was sick, or died of some illness, then that energy vibration will linger in the atmosphere and affect your own life.

Using various techniques, it is possible to ‘measure’ and demonstrate how those energies linger in the atmosphere and how they may be affecting you.

The energies in the land on which a house is built can also create negative energy in our lives. We are all sensitive electromagnetic receivers, thus the static interference or spatial clutter caused by disease, trauma, and what is known as Geopathic (earth) Stress and Black Streams, can all be major causes of negative issues and illness in the people living there.

The space can be ‘read’ using intuitive connection to the space and techniques of Dowsing for Health using dowsing rods, Energy Harmonising and Vibrational Healing. Methods of adjusting these energies for a positive outcome can then be activated to create a vibrant healthy home for you and your family.

Strong, balanced life force is the key to good health. When our environment is out of balance our personal energetic and psychological systems try to compensate. This puts strain on all our systems, has a direct effect on our state of mind, and eventually causes illness. Therefore, a building designed or adjusted to enhance positive life force will benefit the healing process.

Physical Symptoms & Signs of the effects of negative energies, exposure to geopathic stress and black streams, can include:


Infertility, genetic mutations, SIDS

Anxiety, depression, mood swings, suicidal tendencies, insomnia, nightmares

Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Motor Neurone Disease, other wasting & paralysing diseases

Parkinson’s and forms of dementia

Schizophrenia, psychosis, addictions, obsessions, psycho-sexual problems, phobias

Endocrine disorders, weakened immune system, Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME)

Candidiasis, yeast and fungal infections, recurrent thrush

Digestive disorders, Crohn’s disease, migraine headaches

Asthma, eczema, arthritis and rheumatic disorders

Do you ever feel that your house just does not feel right, as if something is out of balance? Some areas may feel strange, cold, sticky and thick like treacle, or even give you a sick feeling.

Is your house stressed-out, traumatised?

Why did you choose that house to live in?

Re-aligning the energies in your home and clearing energetic debris may involve spirit, ghost and other paranormal activity. Understanding, connecting and releasing stuck energies in your home is an important part of this process.

Thus, once any negative energy is identified and ‘cleared’, this allows you to be free from issues which may not be yours, empowering you to live your own life!

Through what I call Psychotherapeutic Regression, the soul fragments of a building can be gathered together. It can be taken back to zero point by clearing, re-aligning and reconnecting a building to its original birth code thus remembering its original purpose. If a new function is needed, then a new code can be programmed into its memory.

What happened in that space before you arrived?

The “Predecessor Factor”, or what has gone before, remains lodged in the energetic (electromagnetic) blueprint of spaces. In real terms this means that, for instance, if we are in a building where the previous business did not flourish, or in a home which was unhappy or had some illness, then the chances are that we will in some form take on and repeat this pattern and suffer in the process.

The lingering energies of those who lived there before can seriously affect the lives of the current occupants, especially their issues and failures. If the previous occupants divorced or went bankrupt, then the energetic pattern that remains in the house can be repeated, so that you end up with a similar scenario and living someone else’s life!

We are influenced by and absorb nature’s yin/yang forces of polarity, which fluctuate between the cosmos and the earth. By harnessing and directing this energy through balancing our living and working spaces, we can create a nourishing environment to facilitate health, wealth and happiness.

Strong, balanced life force is the key to good health. When our environment is out of balance our personal energetic and psychological systems try to compensate for this. This puts strain on all our systems, eventually causing illness. Geopathic Stress can also be a major cause of physical illness. Therefore, a building which is designed or adjusted to enhance positive life force will benefit the healing process.

Disease, emotion or trauma leaves an energetic imprint in space and matter. We are sensitive electromagnetic receivers, thus the static interference or spatial clutter caused by disease, trauma and Geopathic Stress have a direct affect on our state of mind and physical systems.

Are you experiencing negative thought forms or bad feelings from people that are affecting your life? Psychic energetic negative attacks on people and property, whether intentional or not, can have devastating effects on people’s lives.

The ‘evil eye’ and other similar terms are often feared and misunderstood. Where this type of energy is coming from can be identified and dealt with using very powerful energy processes. The source of the damage can be neutralised, shielded or diffused, thus making your own life and home safer and more comfortable.

Are you experiencing difficulties with conceiving, miscarriage and/or fertility issues in having a baby? If you have been to your specialist already, and both you and your partner have received a clean bill of health yet are still having problems, there is an alternative approach which is powerful, effective and safe.

Many fertility issues are related to a blockage in the flow of natural energy. Misaligned energies in the home or workplace are a common cause of the cry, “I just can’t get pregnant.” Once detrimental issues are identified, the situation can be addressed to allow the best propensity for conception to happen.

REASONS – This can be to do with the person’s inner energy flow, that of misaligned energies within the home and the land upon which it is built – or a combination of all three factors.

SOLUTIONS – Investigating the cause of blocked energies enables simple yet powerful means of releasing the vital life force needed for conception, with no unwanted side effects. After conception, keeping the solid energy holding framework needed to nurture a child in the womb is crucial. This can be helped by balancing the energy and using feng shui within the home.

Having carried out over 1100 consultations to date, many relating to energy flow issues, stories from clients attest to an impressive success rate.

Are you seeking change in your career or job, looking for clarity or a sense of direction in life? The simple matter of addressing issues in your home can hold the secret to fulfilment that a new direction can bring.

Our buildings reflect who and how we are. When energy is blocked, stagnant or out of balance in our environment, that same imbalance will be reflected in our subconscious mind and within our bodies.

The purpose of Feng Shui is to create harmonious space within the inner being and within the external environment. In order to enhance, nourish and encourage individual growth and self-development, this gives the opportunity to reach one’s full potential and achieve the main aims and aspirations in life, which in turn leads to good health, happiness and prosperity. Through removing obstacles on our journey, we can come to the full realisation of the true nature of our higher self.

Feng Shui Consultations encompass a holistic approach to life issues and the environment in which we live. They can be carried out remotely, when I will work on drawings and photos of your home, using various systems of this ancient art and science of life.

From your date and time of birth, your best compass orientations can be calculated to optimise the energy flows in your home and locate the best areas to place furniture, etc.

Our buildings reflect who we are and how we are. When energy is blocked, stagnant or out of balance in our environment the same imbalance will be reflected in our subconscious mind and within our bodies.

From your birth-date, your best compass orientations can be calculated to optimise energy flows in your home and locate the best areas to place furniture etc.

Geomancy is about identifying and understanding how the earth energies are working, and knowing how to adjust and rebalance them. Working with sensitivity will minimise any damage and maximise good energy flows into our homes.

Geopathic Stress
Checks are made, and remedies carried out, on the harmful effects of various types of earth energies that can result in Geopathic Stress.

Electromagnetic Stress
Checks and solutions relating to negative harmful energies from electromagnetic fields (emfs) affecting the land and buildings. These may come from nearby power lines, masts and transformers, or from electrical wiring and equipment within the home such as televisions, computers, clock radios and mobile phones.

Energy Matrix Grids
We also address the invisible energy grids which affect most issues in our spaces and thus in our lives.

Sound is the key to all levels of creation and manifestation. For all aspects of life, the code which holds the key to creating change is held in a sound. Once we know the sound, we can change the sound vibration, and create new realities for ourselves. As the conductor of our own lives, we can influence our Relationships, Wealth, Health and Career – in fact anything we choose to change.

SELLING a Home or Renting out a Property

Have you experienced problems with selling your house or property? There is always a good reason that stops a house from being sold or rented out, which will always involve an energetic block of some kind. This is not something that estate agents or realtors truly understand. Staging a house may look good on the surface, but it is the underlying energy which holds the clue to the release of a property.

Stuck energies in the form of old emotional patterns, dark heavy thought-forms and even ghosts, will all have a significant effect. If a house has a previous owner still living there in spirit, then it can often prevent anyone from buying the house or make it difficult, as only certain people will want to buy it. We often hear of sales falling through for no apparent reason. ‘Moving on’ the stuck energy or spirit from the house will free the property for sale.

The resolution is often found by releasing blockages or the obstructing energies within yourself, the house, the land, or perhaps all three. Creating the feel-good factor for someone else to love the house will also be a positive thing. The current owner needs to let go of being attached to the house. They may not really wish to let go of the house but have no choice for reasons of finance, divorce, etc.

Various techniques and visualisations can change the inner coding pattern of the individual and release their hold on the house. This will resolve any residual issues with the soul of the property, allowing it to release and sell.

In this way, I can guide you through the process of releasing blocked energies and maximising the potential for sale, thus achieving the best price possible. Many examples of consultations I have carried out have resulted in houses (which were stuck on the market for months or even years) sell or rent in as fast as one hour! It usually takes around 28 days. Most achieve a good price or even higher than that advertised.

A flat in Barcelona has great difficulty in selling. There was a heavy ‘presence’ by the front door which prevented anyone, who managed to arrive for a viewing, from even entering into the flat. The ‘presence’ was moved on and the groggy flat energy cleared. The owner received a telephone call from an estate agent that evening who said ‘ I am not sure how I even got your number, but I believe you have a flat for sale and I have a buyer. She sold it within days.

Chelsea London
I looked at a house in Chelsea, which had been on the market for 6 months. It was for either sale at £3m or for rental. The lady owner had spent £1m in renovating it. After clearing and harmonising the energy of the space, we left to see the owners own flat in which she lived. Before we arrived at her flat, she received a phone call from estate agents to say that the people who saw the house some months before, now wanted it immediately. By clearing the energy of a space, it brings the awareness into the vibrational world and people tune in to the house, just like a radio or TV channel.

The Italian Job (video) San Ginesio Italy

The House will not sell . . . even the most experienced of estate agents could not have expected to find such strange energies at work, which were lingering in the space and holding back the sale! It emerged that there were active residual energies of a family still ‘living’ in the house from many generations ago – and they did not want to leave!

The House Whisperer investigates . . . what he finds is of another world

Guidance can be offered about what factors will help you to buy or rent your perfect home.

“We have been looking for ages and seen hundreds of houses, but just cannot find the right one!”

When we are looking to move house, we can often operate from our habitual patterning, which will lead us to find a home that reflects our old ideas and beliefs. This may not be the best thing in helping us to find a building with the potential to allow us to feel ‘at home’. Understanding what ‘the perfect home’ means to you enables you to change your approach. Once you resonate at a different level with your own personal energy vibration, you will attract the best house for yourself and your family – who knows, it may even come and seek you!

Tamara seeking home in Xativa, Spain. I advise against buying this house!

Nine Star Ki Astrology is a Japanese system of understanding and using the dynamics of universal energy based upon the 5-Elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

Whereas Feng Shui is about the energy of space, 9 Star Ki is about the energy of time cycles. It is about potential and direction, rather than prediction as one finds in magazine astrology.

Each year we move into a different energetic space; each of 9 years holds different energy values which can slow or enhance our progress in life.

I will calculate your own personal energy map, including your three personal Ki energy numbers, which reflect:

  1. Personality 2. Inner Emotional Energy 3.  How you manifest things in the world.

9 Star Ki looks at how these energies interact and affect our relationship to ourselves, each other and to the world around us. It can help us to understand ourselves, and how we communicate with others in both our home and work environments. We can see why things may be stagnant or difficult to activate in some years, and those when our creative and abundant energies are active. By understanding these cycles and finding inner stillness, you can maximise the potential of your activities and gain guidance for your direction in all areas of life:

RELATIONSHIPS – Our Ki energy numbers can help us to work with relationships in both personal and business situations. Intimacy is often reflected in our energy numbers and the cycles can show us when the feeling for others loses its edge!

CHILDREN – The Ki can help us to understand our relationship dynamic with our children, and how they need to be treated for their most beneficial growth as human beings.

CAREER – Our Ki numbers can indicate our strengths and weaknesses and guide us on our most fulfilling career path in life.

A 9 Star Ki consultation is always incorporated within a Feng Shui consultation or can be carried out on its own.

Flying Star Energy Patterns look at the birth-date of a property in relation to the land and its orientation. By tracking the energy doorway into the building, an energy map can be created. This gives guidance as to the best locations for activities and the elements which enhance every aspect of personal and business life.

Our inner patterns of beliefs are essentially energetic codes which are initiated at birth and edited as we go through life. We can change these codes and be free of perceived control, from where we can often feel helpless and not in charge of our own lives.

Through energetic regression, the pre-programmed energy matrix can be dissolved using etheric geometries. We can then re-construct the original code that allows you to connect to your original source and full potential. This gives you the power and confidence to move forward in life


Where is the Heart of your Home?

As an architect, I work with a house all levels: physical/body, mind/emotional and soul/spiritual. This enables the owner/s to experience full connection with the heart of their home. All the principles of energy and feng shui can be incorporated into the design.

When a house is converted into flats, the soul of the building is fragmented and chaos often follows in the lives of those living there. By connected with the original spirit of the house and making certain changes, the detrimental effects of insensitive conversions can be addressed.

Further details on Architectural Design services

Healing Spaces for Horses and Animals to Thrive and be Healthy.

A Holistic approach to Healing Equine Buildings and Land, and for designing new Equine Healthy Spaces.

the Herd 570
Is the Health of your Horses being affected by the energy of the Land and Stables? Perhaps even by your own house also.

The energetic as well as material quality of buildings and land affect our animals in the same way as ourselves. If they live in sick buildings, our horses will take the energetic brunt of any problem in order to protect their owners. But in doing what is in their nature, this can create many illnesses for them such as lameness and even cancer.

Geopathic stress lines, running in the ground under houses or stables, have also been known to create cancers and other illnesses for both horses and their owners

“Christian visited, consulting on all of the players and pieces of the puzzle, the land and the energetics of that interaction. There is a lot of native history on the land and we released the lingering attachments, sending hundreds of trapped souls to the light. The horses were amazing, always waiting for us at our intended destination, showing Christian their connection and higher vision at many of their magical places” Liz Mitten Ryan

The herd can teach us to be in our truth and connect us to our intuition; they work from the heart with no veneers or pretences. Whilst they mediate and heal those with whom they engage, they ask for nothing in return. Horses hold the harmonic matrix of universal consciousness and knowledge. To experience this with them is a blessing indeed.

A full House Whispering consultation on-site, incorporating space clearing alignment, usually needs 4-5 hours, depending on the depth of the issues. This can be assessed in an initial email or telephone discussion.

Remote sessions can be carried out depending on the nature of the issues needing to be addressed.

Ongoing sessions for personal development and support for you and your home can also be arranged.

For more details, any other questions, or for a quotation specifically for your needs and location:

Contact Christian

A Business Consultation can include many aspects of the PERSONAL SESSIONS above, together with the following:

Locating Personnel
We look at the physical location of key personnel and staff. The choice of rooms and orientation of sitting position can make a vast difference to individual empowerment, and thus the success of the company. To enhance the experience people have of feeling solid, safe and grounded, the more beneficial energy they can give to their work.

To unify and focus personnel aims will help strengthen negotiating position, and bring its own rewards.

Output and Profit
Addressing the above factors will reduce stress and enhance the company profile, leading to an increase in output, growth and overall profit.

To improve teamwork, build confidence, enthusiasm, motivation, energy, vitality and efficiency. To look at ways towards minimising any conflict will help in the smooth running of the business.

Design and Planning
Within the building itself is crucial, to ensure the best planning layouts for existing and new buildings, including correct lighting, landscape design and colour schemes. Water features, pools and lakes create great benefit, as water represents wealth.

Should the business wish to move premises we will evaluate the internal, external and local environment for the purpose of buying, moving and selling the property.

Corporate ID
Evaluate corporate identity issues, logos, stationery design, etc.

Environmental Health
Enhancing the quality of life within the company also looks at reducing environmental pollution and stress within the workplace. To incorporate planting schemes will help to harmonise energy flows. Scientific evidence shows that the use of selective plants along with other internal factors reduces stress and improves health and efficiency.

Building Services
Balancing of services such as heating, plumbing and air-conditioning, to conform to the efficient structure of the ‘five elements’ system of feng shui, is also considered..

Human Recources
To facilitate human resource strategies, using the 9 Star Ki system of analysis, will identify the strengths and weaknesses of company personnel. This can assist in recognising factors required to balance and enhance the business and personal relationships.

9 Star Ki Astrology
9 Star Ki (as above) can be used to analyse the true character and skills of people in the company. This will reveal the compatibility of relationships between staff and their emotional dynamics. It can illuminate the true nature of people and the high and low energy cycles they are in to optimise the potential efficiency and performance within a business.

Previous Projects & Consultations

Business & Commercial – Architectural:  Since 1969

Airports – Architectural/Interior Design:  33 UK Airport Interiors including Heathrow, Gatwick, Newcastle and Jersey – Duty/Tax Free Shops, Retail, Restaurants, Cafès, Pubs.

Indian Restaurants – Architectural/Interior Design:  333 in the UK between 1969 – 1989

House Whispering – Home and Business Consultations: 1,600 consultations during the last 26 years in countries including:

England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Spain, Gibraltar, Portugal, Lisbon, Monaco, Malta, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Jordan, Madeira, USA, New York, New Jersey, California, Portland, Hawaii, Japan, Costa Rica, Honduras, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Kuwait, Oman.

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