Healthy Homes

Healthy Homes – the Psychotherapy of Space

Christian explains why life might not be working well after you move Home or even at any time owing to the energy of your space changing through life events.

Predecessor Energy

Is your Home affecting your life?
Our lives are affected and influenced by the spaces in which we choose to live. Many factors relate to the energetic patterns which generate and run the underlying purpose of our lives. Our house can show us how our life patterns and beliefs correlate to the physical, emotional and psychological aspects work together. The solution is where you live! Christian Kyriacou The House Whisperer will illuminate and reveal the secrets of your home, the ultimate in House Healing.
Bringing the Wisdom of the Ancients into Contemporary Life.

Kingston Power Station Towers Demolition 16.10.94

The Power Station Site In 1994 the twin towers of the Kingston Power Station were demolished with explosives. The shockwaves went beyond the few minutes of the sound and vibration of the land. What was left locked into the memory of the space was to have consequential damage to people’s health in the area as well as C’s life in her flat built on the site.

Axe MURDER Caused by New House? October 2016

Axe MURDER Caused by New House?

Is it possible for the energy of a house to have a negative affect and cause a murder? YES… and here is a recent example of such a situation.

Architects and developers please take note and learn about earth energies and their environmental and psychological impact. Take responsibility for people’s health whilst still making a profit; both are of value!

Electric Kettle (EMF) Electro-Magnetic Fields


Safe Levels for EMFs (electro-magnetic-fields) are a maximum of 0.5mg. Close to an Electric Kettle shows over 50mg, more than 100 times the safe level. The further away you are from the kettle, then the strength of the EMFs drop.

Consider that the water is imbued with EMFs that you then drink. The old fashioned put the kettle on – the gas stove – the better the quality of water. Putting a kettle onto an Electric Hob Ring will also soak up EMFs into the water.

Enjoy your cuppa!

Electric Under Floor Heating

Electric Underfloor Heating:

Although very practical, especially on upper (non-concrete) floors, one should be aware of the electro-magnetic fields which are known to affect our human energy fields. One solution is to switch on to warm up a room and switch off when in the room.

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