Space Healing for Animals (Equine, Cats, Dogs…) and Mystic Mog

Equine Health affected by Buildings and Land

Apache the Horse was lame. Within one week of working with the client and her home, she was riding Apache. He was trying to tell her something she was not listening to!

Why did they move into this House! Were this couple drawn to this house because of unresolved past life events? Did J’s life go on hold soon after they moved in, and did D’s music creativity flow get blocked by the energies of the house?

The House Whisperer investigates. What he finds is a complex situation of persecution running in the land.

Healing with the Equine 

In this rare visit to the UK, Liz shared with us her most amazing work with the Herd, the Land (320 acres), and the Equine Healing Tables at Equinisity in BC Canada. Hear about the transformational power of these wonderful creatures working totally from the heart. They change the lives of people with whom they touch!

Christian will shared his experiences in what creates Healthy Spaces for the Equine, and other animals, and how they take on the negative energies of their surroundings and buildings which have physical and psychic geopathic stress, unresolved karmic ancestral history, as well as processing their owners issues!

Equine Space Healing

Horses process human emotions and that can make them sick especially if the land or buildings are out of alignment or carry negative energies. The equine will often mirror the issues running in the relationships of a couple or the entire family.

Sharing Spaces with Our Animals

Animals process human emotions and take the hit if we do not listen to them and take steps to resolve the issues in our lives. The problems are reflected outward in the homes in which we live. Working with both the inner psyche of the person and the outer reflection of the home, allows for rapid and powerful transformation.

The purpose and value of our relationship and connection with our animals is close to my heart. The quality of our interaction with our pets has significant influence on our spaces. Sensitive animals such as cats, dogs and horses will intuitively sense any problems being experienced by their owners. Horses particularly will scan our energy fields to see if we are centred in our hearts.

If we do not listen to their whispered warnings, this can result in some form of illness developing in our physical body. Our animals can literally smell dis-ease on their owners, who are sometimes un-aware of what doctors have yet to diagnose. In protecting us, their conscious­ness and intelligence will try and find some way of alerting us when an aspect of fragmentation of the heart occurs. Although this is part of the quintessence that many domestic animals share with humans, unless our own personal ‘stuff’ is dealt with, any long-term unresolved toxic residue from our emotional processing will make our pets sick and can ultimately kill them.

When people contact me owing to ill-health or unrest with their animals, I find the cause inevitably relates in some way to the owners themselves, further compounded by any issues with the underlying land and within their own homes. Any per­ceived problems caused by barns or stable buildings for example, are likely to be a reflection of happenings in the lives of the owners.

Gizzmo the Ferret 

I work with some interesting animals during my consultations as The House Whisperer, and occasionally come across some very unusual creatures like Gizzmo here. Just a chance meeting on the street…

Our pets are conscious beings and will often protect us not only physically, as in the case of dogs, but energetically in our homes from ‘negative’ energies. They will absorb these energies and transmute them for their owners. They will also often carry messages from the animal kingdom if we are able to listen to their whispers!

In my Book The House Whisperer, I discuss how they may alert us to danger of an energetic kind, and also how they will absorb and reflect our emotional baggage and process our unresolved life issues for us! If we do not listen to them and take responsibility for change, then they will eventually take the hit and get sick.

See ‘Sharing Spaces with Our Animals’ on page 49 of the Book

The House Whisperer Book

Gizzmo engages in interactive animal encounters in schools and homes for the elderly.

Arnie the Tortoise loves Strawberries and Rock ‘n’ Roll

A chilled out Arnie, following a House Whispering session at his residence in Kent, the effect on him is stunning!

Check out animal stories and their relationship to their homes and how they look after and transmute energies for their owners…

…as in my Book ‘The House Whisperer’

Dog Heals Broken Heart

Luciana speaks about her broken heart following an ending of a relationship. Her dog Samson absorbed her pain in service to her healing. Now it is time for her to heal Samson.

Her house was holding a reflective pattern of the ‘heartache’ as it soaked up their emotions. The was released in order for the healing to have the best chance of success.

See Luciana’s wonderful work with photography at:

Larissa relaxing after the House Healing

Larissa, a Russian Blue fluffer with green eyes, chilling after her House Whispering experience. She was seriously frazzled when I arrived as processing the fragmented energies of the house, but ended up very chilled as you can see, as was her owner…

More on Animals and their spaces in my Book

‘Sharing Spaces with Our Animals’ page 49

Deer Chilling in Richmond Park

Furry’s Breakfast time: he loves Bread and Avocado

Rutting Season Richmond Park

October 2022

MYSTIC MOG Section – Special Cats with powerful messages for humans



© copyright Jane Barrett

Morning had arrived already and today my young cats, Chester and George where off to the vets for their inoculations.  Proudly wearing my brand new glowing white Compassion in World Farming sweatshirt saying, “END the cage AGE” I picked up my two youngsters and placed them together in a big carrying case.   They were heavy and I clonked myself going through the garden archway door.  The cat’s carrier door flew off and my two young cats ran out onto the road.  Chester went under a neighbour’s parked car and George galloped across the Green.  Exasperated my head and heart span in panic.  Within seconds, Percy cat (my huge warrior cat who adopted me 7 years ago) appeared by my side and he made a beeline for Chester.  Percy sat by the car and stared at Chester.  Chester responded to Percy and went up to Percy to greet him, allowing me to scoop him up and carry him to safety.  Taking a few deep. shaky breathes I went straight to Percy and praised and hugged him for he was at my aid in an instant and he enticed Chester cat to safety.  I told Percy he was a top cat and I was very grateful to him for rescuing Chester.

I suddenly caught sight of myself in the car window reflection and saw my new white sweatshirt covered in muddy paw prints and Ha ha ha !!! I stopped and laughed at myself.  My sweat shirt said “End the Cage Age it’s time to evolve” these words printed in gold and displayed to the universe and, low and behold, my caged cats were within seconds uncaged!!  The universe had answered my heartfelt request!!

I began searching for George across the road.  Looking under every parked car and gazing hopefully into people’s gardens.  I picked up his food bowl and started banging it outside and around the Green and the little side roads.

Knowing how ultra-acute cat’s noses are I decided to decorate the Green with Georges favourite cat food.  I filled my pockets full of cat food wrapped in sandwich bags (Yuk!), It was now George’s teatime and he will want food so I started to drop the cat food near his home.  Uplifted by my bright idea I set about filling the entire neighbourhood with the unmistakable poignant odour of cat food!!  I wandered and weaved my way around every bush and garden wall leaving a trail of food.  This gave me a new positive outburst of determination to find, allure and guide George back home.  I was sure this would work.  Then, this huge lovable golden lump appeared before me – Percy cat!!  Oww No Percy stop!!  Scoff scoff nosh nosh gobble gobble Percy’s cheeky chompers were consuming my cat food piles at great speed!.  He looked up at me licking his lips, his eyes wide and wondrous “Ooh I like this game mum!”  I embraced him and we walked home.

… “What shall I do now for scent?” I thought to myself.  AHA – litter tray – pussycat poo bags!!  I can leave Georges cat litter scent for him to find his way home.  “Yes, cat’s noses are top notch that’s a good idea” I thought to myself.  I set about filling my pockets with sandwich bags of cat litter and pootled off discretely dropping and offloading the poo bags around my neighbourhood when no one was looking.  My cat’s cat litter perfumed places and daises!!

I remembered one of my favourite books on animal healing and in it there is a valuable insight of a way to guide missing pets safely home.  You imagine a beam of white light extending outwards and inside the beam of light you imagine your missing pet walking towards your home.  I set about imagining this and also imagined I was holding George in my arms which we had often enjoyed at home.

Darkness and coldness came.  I got my duvet and a hot drink and camped out in my car watching the residential nightlife of animals and humans, comings and goings and unfolding secret rendezvous of lorry drivers and Mrs Jones round the corner!

My eyes suddenly caught sight of a womanly figure from afar, staring out of a yellowish glowing window.  Stock still, just staring and staring.

I sat shivering in the stark stillness.  I was puzzled and I became uneasy as nearly an hour had passed and yet there was no movement from this figure and it was nearly 3.00am in the morning and this strange figure was still staring out of the window.  A cold shiver engulfed me.   – GASP! Run for your life it’s Norma Bates!!!  I dived under my duvet and hid from the intimidating, auspicious glaring figure.  I was frozen.  “Bing” the yellowy light went out.  I scampered home.

I was feeling extremely sad, worried and anxious, upset, all over the place.  I put on some more jumpers, grabbed a hot drink and headed out very subdued.  I gathered up my low, empty self and walked out the door.

Before reaching my garden gate Percy cat, Dennis cat and Mummy cat Milly appeared around my legs and they all looked deep into my eyes.  They looked like they wanted to walk with me.  I stood still observing them.  The world was quiet and peaceful, the roads were empty as there was no traffic at ten past three in the morning.  I walked and my cats followed walking close by my feet.   We all walked together.  It was very still, very quiet; you could hear every little noise.  Then, to my amazement all three cats jumped into a neighbour’s garden and they started searching in every nook and cranny, every space was investigated, things were patted and nudged and trees and bushes were explored. Dennis meowed as if calling for lost George.  When they had finished they gathered around me and jumped into the garden next door, all three cats searching it thoroughly.  I was mesmerized.  My cats captivated me.  They continued to search every single garden, all the way up the road and all the way down the other side, all the way across.  I was spellbound.  My cats were helping me find missing George.  My whole being just swelled up with jubilance.  My cats and I were the only beings around at that special place in time.  I felt am almighty power of love between us all.  A bond so strong it empowered me.  I felt so proud and grateful to Percy, Dennis and Milly for their desire to help George and me.

We all crossed the road and again they jumped into a garden and began searching meticulously.  It was blissfully quiet and you could hear every tiny noise, which is ideal for searching for lost cats.  We came to one particular garden and the cat’s momentum surged and they all suddenly swooped into this garden.  I felt their excitement and I jumped over the gate to get inside the garden. I heard a little “thud” and George appeared in front of my eyes from the hedge.  He ran to greet Dennis cat and rubbed himself joyfully against him.  Percy, Milly and me all came close together and tears of joy overwhelmed me.  I stared in wonder as all the cats greeted George and George responded by rubbing against them all.  I paused and let the cats reunite together before scooping George up in my arms and holding him close to my overjoyed heart.  We connected in a golden embrace, one I will never forget.  I was overwhelmed with relief and we all trotted home.  My heart was singing and my cats were purring.  It was lucky I had some cat goodies to give them all.  It was now nearly 4.00am in the morning and George had a spring in his step.  I watched him sniff and rub against his favourite things at home before settling down to sleep on a blanket.  I just sat by him, admiring his beautiful features and in particular his extra softness he prevails.  I was beaming with joy and delight as I watched all my cats settle down for the night.

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