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Mottisfont Abbey – Ancestral DNA

In Relationship with Man in Spirit

The Italian Job

The House in Italy would not sell . . . even the most experienced estate agent could not have expected what was lingering in the space to hold back the sale!

There were strange atmospheres with smells of cooking when nobody was there! It emerged that there was an active residual energy of an ancient family still ‘living’ in the house from many generations ago, trapped in another dimension, and they did not want to leave! . . . until The House Whisperer arrived.

What he finds is of another world…

page 122 of The House Whisperer Book

Consultation carried out with Sandy Humby

Compelled to push her!

Witchfinder General – Pennsylvania USA

In a small suburban town in Pennsylvania, USA, I experienced a strange incident of memory replay whilst sitting in a local restaurant. As three men burst in through the double swing saloon doors, my body was immediately drawn into a defence position. The central man stood hands on hips, the other two on either side and slightly behind him. I did a double take as I watched him weigh-up the place, looking slowly from side to side as if searching for his victims. Drawn into a time portal from the past, I could see him dressed in dark period costume from the days of hunting out women whose powers were considered a threat. Yes, he was a ‘witch finder’. As our eyes met, we both recognised and knew his purpose. For a moment there might have been a fight, a chase or even death in the air. Breaking the locked gaze and snapping back into current time, all three men walked on past to the food counter at the rear, where each ordered a slice of angel cake and glass of fire water.

Extract from The House Whisperer Book page 78

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Dinner Talk Stories, Christian speaks with Geoff Owen

Christian speaks with Geoff Owen about his consultation work with people, houses and life in the Whispering lane… whilst sampling Italian restaurant food, wine and Cheesecake!

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