Ep.1 26 Year Anniversary of House Whispering   

26 Year Anniversary of House Whispering:  16th October 2021 run-time 1 hour

How it all started, our relationship to home, and more…











Ep.2 Becoming Barbara

Becoming Barbara   2nd November 2021 run-time 14:46










A new relationship benefits from moving to another home together. What happens when a new person moves into a partner’s home where they had a previous relationship? In this episode, we see the devastating effects where the new partner took on the previous wife’s pattern, so she became a replica of the man’s previous wife Barbara who died. The new female partner also took on the same illness.


Ep.3  SPIRIT RELEASE & Paranormal Activity 21st November 2021 run-time 1 hour










Christian shares his 26 years’ experience of working with stuck spirit energies. It is not about ghost-busting, but about identifying and releasing with love and compassion, thus ultimate healing for all.

Mix of video and still images…