The Paranormal, Ghost Stories, Healers of Ancient Times

Coffee with a Ghost Lady

Having coffee every morning with the Spirit of the lady who lived in the house before.

Spirit Release of Child

Spirit Release of a Child from the past living with a new family in house.

French Chateau Spirit Release

French Chateau Spirit Release

Halloween, Spirit Release & the Paranormal


GHOSTS are not just for Halloween…

Ghost Witches Spikes, Castle de Haar, Netherlands

HEALING TRAUMA of Airfield War Victim Ghosts

Paranormal Talk at Piercefield House

Sir John Soane’s house, this listed building, used for aircraft target practice during WW2, will need some serious energy resolution work to shift the catastrophic impact left in those walls left standing. This is something the new owners will need to come to terms with when they move in, otherwise they may not be alone during the night! Is the spirit of Sir John Soane and others still lingering . . . are others using the underground spirit traffic energy lines to access the house, some paranormal ghost activity? Will they be able to clear the old scars and haunted memories so that these and other past events will not affect their lives? If not, then this may affect the renovation of the house as the active program running is that of destruction and demolition…

The House Whisperer investigates . .

Key to Spirit Release

Workshop Visualisation, the Aha moment

Spirit Release of Trapped Souls in Indigenous Village

The owner found herself compelled to move to this magical land, but little did she realise the reasons why!

Her distant past, a massacre of an indigenous village tribe. What is her relationship to the warrior Chief guarding the stone gateway… could she let him go? Identifying and resolving past trauma on the Land.

The owner was compelled and destined to purchase this vast tract of land . . . what was her connection with those that lived here before, and with the equine . . . what he finds are a complex of stories which strangely relate to her ancestors who had lived on this land before.

Railway Ghost Station

Marco tells his story about living in a house on the Isle of Wight, which was a converted from a railway station. Why were they drawn to live there? An old man in spirit, sitting on a bench waiting for a train for someone… who never came!


Emelie’s Story

Mysterious Clock

GHOSTBUSTERS or Compassionate Spirit Release

GHOSTBUSTERS or Compassionate Spirit Release

in The Whispering Room 22nd June 2016

Live video discussion with Christian Kyriacou, The House Whisperer

Why do we attract a House with paranormal activity, ‘Busting’ spirits is bad karma and creates soul fragmentation!

It is about our relationship to our spaces, and other energies in spirit.

Fred the Rattler Pub Ghost

Fred the Rattler Pub Ghost

Following a fire in the pub, Fred’s ghost moves next door into a cottage to bother the residents…

Mystic Mog

Ghost Cat Strips Wallpaper

Friday, the cat, passed away in 2010, yet she is seen walking around the house. She makes noises, waits on the stairs for food and scratches the wallpaper off the wall on the stair landing. Her owner Louise tells her story.



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