Buying and Selling a House

Choosing Your Perfect Home

Buying or renting a property to make it your perfect home. Christian visits a house in Spain which the prospective buyer Tamara, is wanting to make her home. Does it have the right ingredients for this? What he finds is a mixture of good and bad aspects tainted with lots of old heavy energies from the previous occupants. Can he ‘fix’ this and will this house allow Tamara to achieve her vision and dream for the future?

Full Story on page 99 of The House Whisperer Book

Selling a House

House Selling and Buying

Sharing my 20 years experience of the secrets of Selling and Buying a harmonious home. There are matching patterns that draw us to a property through the ‘law of attraction’.

Selling – Resolving our ‘soul contract’ with a home allows for resolution and its release for a fast and smooth sale.

Buying – a home which is harmonious, supportive, safe and protective is also about matching your needs at a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level. The soul of a house will have matching patterns and you will be as attracted to it as it is drawn to you. So who chooses who!

House Sold within 28 days of Consultation

Another House Sold…

Within 28 days of the Consultation:

“I have sold the house to the first people who came round for £875k my target price! They offered on Monday and Tuesday we agreed price on Wednesday afternoon. Very happy indeed.” C.H. Kent, England

House Sells after Space Clearing and Decluttering

In this consultation, the owner wanted to sell their house but were being blocked. Their careers were being blocked and interestingly they had objects cluttering up the inside of the front door so they used the side door to enter the house, never a good thing.

Selling a House, Interview with Geoff Owen

Geoff Owen speaks with Christian on the art of selling houses…

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