House Whispering Tips and Tutorials

More Tips & Tutorials on the way: Mirrors – Living on graveyards – Space Clearing, Alignment – How to Burn Incense – Mind map of a House – When good houses turn bad! – and more…

001  Re-arranging Furniture around the house

Every item of furniture in the house represents an energetic code and relates to part of our life. We may avoid the locked or trashed room, that is likely to be the one which reflects our personal issues which we may not wish to face!

002  How Attics can seriously affect your Health

Converting and living and working in Loft Spaces – Attics can seriously affect your Wealth and Health. The geometry and cutting angles will diminish your immune system and can bring you close to death. Businesses can fail.

003  Do not Live in a House built on Battle Ground

The unresolved trauma of battles and massacres on the land that your house is built upon will be reflected in how you relate to people living in your home. If you are at war with your loved (or un-loved) ones, then here is where to answer may found.

004 Too Cute to be Single: then better not live here!

Moving to a home where there is a history of single women still lingering in spirit, will not help you your love life. Samantha has been single since she moved here 5 years ago and we discovered why.


005 Every Room in your Home represents an aspect of your life.

Every Room in your Home represents an aspect of your life. The ‘locked door syndrome’ is the room which you do not wish others to see and contains an aspect of which you may not want to address in life.

Be brave and open Pandora’s box and at the bottom is ‘hope’.

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