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Released 21st May 2023

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    FILM SERIES based on the BOOK Whispers of the Ancients

    ‘The whispers of music open the heart, emanating waves to guide our journey home and find our true selves, merging into the essence of love.’ – Kiiros

    A Ki Signature Films Production

    Overview of the Story:

    Following a galactic war, planet Vesica was on the edge of annihilation. When the light-codes that kept the planet in balance and harmony were being compromised, a golden-orb embodying their frequencies was sent to Earth for safe keeping.

    Kiiros’s mission; to travel to Earth with the golden-orb and regenerate the light-codes from a master template. Not knowing if he will ever return, this arduous task is the only hope of saving planet Vesica. A Space Battle disaster occurs on the journey to Earth threatening the entire mission.

    As well as a space/time adventure, Kiiros is taken on a personal journey of awakening, whilst piecing together the set of 12 light-codes. As his adventures unfold, he meets significant people at sacred sites who hold elements of the solution. He initially meets Sol, the Lady of Narayana, who joins him on his mission. A love story unfolds and blossoms, but who is she really?

    With twists and turns of past and parallel life coincidences and realities, connected through eons of time and space, ancestral dynamics and multifarious human emotions unravel. As their journey takes Kiiros and Sol on Earthly adventures, levels of coincidence and synchronicities bring heightened awareness and keep the imagination in suspense, awaiting what will happen next. Will they complete the mission to find, recover and regenerate the golden-orb and send it back in time to save planet Vesica?

    Sol’s words from the Story:
    ‘Open your eyes, open your heart, understand who I am. My love for you travels through lifetimes, and for you I would give my life. Your love carries me softly like a drop of rain on a leaf. I found you, then lost you…’ (from Solveig’s Book Poems From a Life)

    The Production Team

    Ancient Lights Theme: Composed by Christian Kyriacou

    Music: Arranged, orchestrated, performed and produced by Adam and Eleni Violaris

    Singer: Eleni Violaris

    Concept & Story by Christian Kyriacou

    Video: Visualised, scripted, produced & edited by Eleni Violaris

    Original scenes directed by Andonis Violaris

    With special thanks to Patricia Violaris & Solveig Holm

    a Ki Signature Production in association with Magic Sphere Entertainment

    22 MUSIC TRACKS in 432Hz tuning

    1. Whispers of the Ancients: Ancient Lights
    2. Dawn Over Vesica
    3. The Vesinite Crystal
    4. The Sacrifice
    5. The Farewell
    6. Leaving Vesica for Earth
    7. The High Priestess Whispers
    8. Be With You
    9. Quest for the Light-Codes
    10. In the Weave of Time
    11. Odyssey
    12. Kyrie Eleison
    13. Dance Under Cypriot Skies
    14. Chasing Viirock
    15. Requiem
    16. Mozart – Sojourn in Vienna
    17. The Prayer – Darkness Before the Dawn
    18. Elżbieta’s Lament
    19. Silbury Hill – The Final Gathering
    20. Arqueline
    21. Return to Vesica
    22. Passion Concerto

    Whispers of the Ancients CD


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