The Golden Mean Harmonic

The human body resonates to the universal principles of the Golden Mean Harmonic, the geometry of plant-life, the relationship of the planet Venus to our Earth, our double DNA helix, the singing of angelic beings. If our spaces can be tuned to the Golden Mean, then the free flow of energy will empower many aspects of our lives.

Abbots Kitchen Glastonbury Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry of the Abbots Kitchen Glastonbury – a Building is Like Musical Instrument – a magical acoustic chamber.

Morphic Field Resonance, Feng Shui Conference

Christian presents at The Feng Shui Conference V, London UK, 29th October 2011.

He considers the relationship between the golden mean ratio and other sacred geometries which are inherent in the universe, nature, the human body, architecture, sacred sites and feng shui principles. We experienced these geometries in the Workshop, through sacred sound voice harmonics and the gong.

Dowsing Masterclass in Amman, Jordan

Dowsing Masterclass during a weekend of teaching The Alchemy of Space with 15 local architects and interior designers

Your Home, Your Life, Your Future Long Island

Christian discusses the content and process of his flagship Workshop with Laura Gevanter from Long Island USA
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