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Revisioning Your Life: Relationships, Solutions

In Class 2-Day Workshop

195 euros

The Workshop will be presented in English.

Details in Dutch and BOOKING for Europe residence

BOOKING for UK, USA Rest of the World: email:

Why Join the Workshop
Stuck in life. Repeating same old patterns. Relationships not working, issues with Health, Wealth and more?

Underlying many systems of life improvement and divination such as Feng Shui, Vaastu, House Whispering, Space Clearing and so on, there are belief patterns that govern our lives, even determining how we even study and use these systems of knowledge to solve and resolve our life issues and those of our clients.

In this workshop, Christian will take us to depths of experience and understanding of these patterns which are formed from our life experiences, traumas, childhood events as well as past lives and ancestral influences. Success or failure is often an ‘Inside Job’.

It is our choice whether we weave our way through the Labyrinth of Life or get stuck in the Maze of Eternal Recurrence? Reconstruct life as you would like it to be now. We do not need to remain victims of our past. Conscious decisions can change our life now and affect our children 7 generations forwards as well as 7 generations past.

We will consider and work with:

We are always in some kind of relationship even if we are on our own. The desire to attain unity (which we already have but have forgotten) is a deep seated design in our human design. By relating to another person, we seek the journey to process the final move from the world of multiplicity, to duality, then unity.

Approaching Unity, peace, happiness and wellbeing.
Seeking Unity through the balance of duality. Yin/Yang in the way but not the final destination. The journey is our story though the game of creation. The quality of the relationship will determine the speed of reaching awareness, understanding and enlightenment.

Drawn to same type of partner.
By repeating the same choice of partners, the U=universe is giving us clues of what still needs to be processed.

Soulmates and Family Soul Group Incarnation.
Efficient to continue journeys of resolutions with others. It is said that we have around 30 potential soul partners in each incarnation.

Reincarnate into an animal or creature.
If disloyal, can chose to incarnate as a dog which is a lifetime of being loyal. If a bad person, maybe born again as a dirty rat.

Repeating Patterns
Pendulum, repeating what happened to us unto others. So, if abused then we have the abuser seed programme inside us ready to be ignited by an event. Can lay dormant for years.

Identifying and changing life patterns by making quantum energy changes that can have fast powerful improvements to your life.

Mistakes & Accidents
There are none. Accidents are mere incidents that have a result that we did not want or expect. All events are clues to unresolved current and past life issues and childhood experiences. We can use the incidents to inform us and to work through unresolved psychological and emotional issues. 

Quantum Timeline ReVisioning Meditation Processes
After identifying the patterns which run our lives, Christian will take us through a simple yet powerful meditation to re-vision and empower our future. We will consider rapid processes of Quantum Timeline Dynamics and Personal Healing.

Following the Thread
Identify and follow the path to the source of the Trauma. In current life or other, parallel dimension issue. A family curse perhaps etc.

Soul Contract with parents.
Before birth, the soul checks out a womb and the foetus to see if the patterns for learning resonate and chooses to eventually (not from conception) to be born to that mother.

Mother & Father’s Energy affecting foetus.
Emotional patterns, fears, attitudes to life, prejudices and love during the time in the womb are all absorbed into the foetus. At a physical level it absorbs chemicals, drugs.

Hopono. Of ourselves that we perceived an event in a particular way and believed it was another person’s fault, or we judged another or ourselves for failure.


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