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Discovering your relationship with the heart of home. 

Ever wondered… if your house was trying to tell you something? If walls could talk… what would they say about your house, and about you?
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SMALL groups so you have time to focus on your own issues and questions relating to life and home.
Ti Trees House

In the Webinar, we consider: Does your home support or hinder your life, health, wealth souls’ purpose. ∞ Do you feel at home where you live? ∞ Do you feel safe, secure and protected by your four walls, or do you feel a prisoner in your own home? ∞ Did you choose your house, or did it choose you? ∞ Is your home a sanctuary, a peaceful place to rest where you feel energised and nourished? ∞ Are you living your own life or that of someone who has previously lived there? ∞ Is home affecting your relationship, intimate life? Ask your own life/home questions for Christian’s observations and guidance.

Want to be a House Whisperer? 

Join the Full One Year Professional Certified House Whispering Academy Training. F-Group 6th Intake

Starts 16th April 2019